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Biaggi bags

Has anyone tried the Biaggi brand bags? I am wondering if the dimensions will work for a tour bus. Specifically the Lift Off! Carry On to Check-in bag. It measures 16x19x9 in. when in "carryon" position. The layout of the bag is different from a traditional 22x 14x 9 carry on, as it is more horizontal compared to vertical. It has spinner wheels. Will this bag fit well on the tour bus? Is it better to has a more common "vertical" shape???

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If you are talking about a Rick Steves tour, any bag you are able to handle yourself is fine.

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The size configuration does not matter on the bus, but be sure to check your airline because the 16" wide might be an issue for some. The tour bus has a huge opening so no worries regarding long as one can manage it off the bus. These bags seem interesting, but I have not tried one.

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Any bag with wheels needs to go in horizontally anyway, so it doesnt start rolling around on its own. Drives me crazy on airport shuttle buses when people haven't figured that out. Just dont let it get buried by heavier and hardshell bags.

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Any baggage you can fit on an airplane will fit in the bus storage.

If you are taking an RS tour, the under bus storage is not an issue.
If you want it in the bus seating area it could be too big for the overhead racks