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Best women tops for August in Switzerland.

We are going on the Best of Switzerland starting July 31.. would really enjoy how weather was last year..I know never same twice. I would like to take tops that easy to do in sink.. I plan on layering.

Thanks for any tips.

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You can find day-by-day historical temperature graphs for Swiss cities on . They go back about 20 years, I think. That will give you a much better idea of the range of temperatures you may experience than individual experiences.

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It can be hot in the valleys and really cold when you go up to high altitudes. Also, be sure to have rain wear. It may not rain at all or you could be in heavy rainfall.

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For Switzerland in July and August I take at least two shortsleeve and two longsleeve tees, plus a microfleece and zip jacket, and rain jacket. For the tees I like both merino wool ( Icebreaker or Smartwool) if I can find it on sale, and also ExOfficio poly/rayon/ spandex tees. Those dry very quickly after sink washing.

REI has these longsleeve tees on sale:

The colors are nice, but be warned they run quite large--- the xs fits like a large and I returned them.

For shortsleeves, try the Ex Officious "Traversa" cap sleeve tee. On sale at Ex Officious but also on Amazon Prime with free shipping.

I haven't tried this one so do not know how it fits. But I like the style and colors.

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I agree with Lola, the two most important items are:

1) Buy a good lightweight fleece jacket such as a Patagonia. I find that I use this item even on the plane ride over to Europe due to the cabin temps. (I use a Patagonia Micro D jacket)

2) Waterproof lightweight jacket such as a Marmot or Patagonia. I have found that if you wear the fleece under the jacket you will be warm down to 40 degrees. (I use a Marmot Mica waterproof or a Scottevest Tropoformer)

Yes, the above items are not cheap but if you watch the internet you can get some great deals on sale. I look at these as "essential tools" for my traveling in the same way as getting the right bag to roll or carry on trips.

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One can almost always find a Patagonia Torrentshell rain jacket on sale somewhere. It is lightweight and minimalist, but I can vouch for the waterproof and breathable aspect--- ours ( my husband has one too) kept us dry and comfortable through a 3-day trek in the rain in New Zealand.

You likely won't encounter that much continuous rain in Switzerland, but you never know. It is good to be prepared--- and hope you don't need it.

For the base layer tops, REI has lots of good options besides the one I suggested above. I like to include one that goes well with a scarf for dressing up a bit when appropriate.

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I took two cotton tees and two bateau tops with 3/4 length sleeves. Nothing lite colored. LL Bean pullover fleece jacket with hood. Was hot in cities and perfect when high in Alps. Traveled two weeks. Didn't need raincoat - lucky. Wore fleece once . Hope you have wonderful weather, also

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When we were in Wengen/Lauterbrunnen last time in September, the weather forecast turned cold and rainy. Luckily it was only bad weather one of our 4 days. I just brought a micro thin thermal scooped neck black top that I wore under a regular T, and my Columbia unlined raincoat. I was fine during our hikes.

The rest of our trip was in Italy, so I didn't want to pack fleece, etc. in my carry-on. I wore the black micro-thin top with a scarf and long pants for some dinners, also.

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I traveled to Switzerland last August with an Icebreaker merino cardigan and a waterproof jacket. I've changed over to a Cabela's brand waterproof/windproof jacket which I liked a lot as it is cut a bit roommier and longer than my previous favorite which was in the Marmot line. For shirts I had 2 Cabela's+Icebreaker (merino wool) short sleeve Tees. I don't think Cabelas is carrying them this year but they are great travel items. They sink wash well and dry pretty quickly. I also travel with 2 Land's End cotton/modal tees which are staples that sink wash and dry well.

We had some rain while in Switzerland on the GAS tour but fortunately it held of during the day so we could hike both sides of the Lauterbrunnen Valley.

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Take long-sleeve, permanent-press blouses. You can roll the sleeves up when it gets warm, it protects against the sun and they will still look decent if you have to wash them out by hand. If you can find the hiking type blouses, they look great no matter how you wash them. They dry in half the time that it takes a t shirt or polo shirt to dry.

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Women tops? From the title alone, I had no idea the OP was talking about blouses. Layering your clothing works especially as day turns into night.

MrsEB I wasn't actually asking about blouses.. I was thinking tee shirts, short sleeve shirt or maybe 3/4 sleeve . I should have phrased it better and asked more about fabric that others recommended.. unsure of the weather in Switzerland in Early August..
Layering is what I usually try to do. Last year in Italy sleeveless worked best it was hot and hotter. Luckily my husband and I both love the heat. Looking into merino wool. I bought a tee this winter on clearance that is made of bamboo... not sure how it will be in summer but so far I love it..I even washed it one night in my sink and it was dry in no time.
Thanks for all the tips.