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Best time to buy Rick Steves Luggage?

I am eyeing a Rick Steves luggage but it is over what I would like to pay and no free shipping. When is the best time to buy their luggage on sale?

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LF you just missed a sale, last week. Maybe someone with a longer memory knows if there's a regular cycle, but I would guess not for a while now since its peak travel season.

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If I remember right, there was a sale before Christmas last year. But I have no way to know if there will be this year. I don’t remember a luggage sale during peak travel season. When are you traveling? If you need it now, buy it. From my (little) experience, it’s good quality. Consumer reports rated it highly a couple years ago when I bought my Rolling Carryon.

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The RS store in Edmonds has free travel classes. When you attend a class, you receive a 20 percent off coupon for that day. Just mentioning it in case you’re in the area.

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Rick puts the luggage on sale a few times a year. I don't know if there's a regular schedule of sales, but I do get e-mail notification of them. Unfortunately, I've deleted the past e-mails of the sales, so I can't go back and check when they happened.