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Best Packing Advice

Just back from Norway and France, and the two best things we brought were the portable charger(!) and a washcloth. Charger was used every day. Amazing how taking so many photos will suck up your battery! And I don't believe we ever were given washcloths (which was fine) but just very glad I brought my own. Had a wonderful time with our backpacking and tour guide information from Rick and Sarah. Thank you so much!

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There is a tendency for Europeans to view washcloths as very personal items so seldom available.

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Instead of a washcloth, which can take awhile to dry, I find a net puff to be useful. Dries fast, weighs almost nothing and does the trick well.

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Along the same lines.... I use one of these: Salux washcloth

Made of the same stuff as a puffy scrubbie, but packs down even smaller. I cut them in half (they are huge) and fold down into a snack size ziploc that fits in my toiletries bag.