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Besides obvious travel items, what in your house is "on hold" until we can travel?

For two decades, I've been tearing out New Yorker articles that I have no time to read and putting them aside to take on trips to Europe. I can't sleep at all on the plane and there are always travel situations in which I am just waiting --- recyclable paper is often handier than reading things on my phone. So now there is an enormous pile of these carefully stapled together pages. I guess I may have to break down and at least read the ones about current events.

I also have a gray cashmere sweater from LandsEnd that I save for wearing on trips because it is perfect for cold airplanes and is also a thin-but-warm layer for an Italian winter.

There's also a pair of black sneakers that are pretty much the only shoes my fussy feet can tolerate. I wear all of the identical pairs at home, but I put this one pair with my travel stuff in the hopes of it looking slightly nicer. I wish I knew if the one well-dressed Italian teenager who admired these sneakers in Florence was joking or not.

Anybody else? I count on this Packing forum to prove I am not the only obsessed person when it comes to travel.

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The opposite for me: I had bought a couple of lightweight tops to bring on my trips this year; they looked so sad just hanging there! I've put them both, along with a few other travel-reserved tops, into regular wardrobe service. I had also bought a pair of travel-worthy shoes which I expect will go into regular service when cooler weather arrives.

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Like CWsocial, similar sentiments. I bought a pair of Keen Rose Sandals for our two canceled trips- Hawaii in March & Sicily in Sept/Oct. I also purchased a Columbia rain jacket. Looking at the current weather in Sicily I could have used the sandals & perhaps the rain jacket. That said I broke in the sandals the last few months & have been recently wearing the rain jacket. I will say I have a drawer full of travel items when & if we can travel again.

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For me, all the things around the house that were on hold because I was traveling are now getting taken care of. That means as soon as the world opens again, I will be able to get out there without worrying about those things needing to be done at home because they will all be done!

EDIT: One of my projects was to clean out the clothes closets at both my houses. I just finished my Colorado closets and have 300 pounds of various clothing items (mostly winter weight parkas, boots, and similar items) to donate to charity, many of them still have the original store tags on them because I bought the items online and then they didn't fit when I got them but was too lazy to return them. Amazing what you can accumulate in 15 years. I should have been donating things all along instead of letting them accumulate! Will probably have a similar amount from my Houston house once I get there. :-(

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Kind of the opposite end of “on hold”. Being stuck at home this spring, summer and fall, I mean not being out having fun traveling, has meant that we we’re actually at home seeing our newish fruit trees bloom, ripen and produce wonderful fruit. In years past we had an exchanger or faithful neighbor enjoy our produce. This year, with a home full of new fruit trees, we’ve been able to enjoy their cycles and have kids and grandkids out to help us pick, eat and make jam/fruit pies/freeze, etc. The process continues into the Fall but I’m ready to travel at the drop at the hat whenever we’re ok to do so again. It’s been interesting to be home during these seasons but I really miss travel.

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I bought several items last fall and winter thinking I'd be in Switzerland the past couple of weeks. That trip has been postponed til next fall so now I have 2 winters to keep these items looking nice. A new knee length trench from Eddie Bauer, several base layer T's and quarter zip pullovers, new boots, etc. Everything else is just travel related like bags.

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Oh boy, i have quite a few, no make that many, items on this list. In january I purchased a sweater coat, shirt dress, new black pants, a few new tops, and cute flat black shoes to wear around both London in May and Paris in October. I thought i would perk up my wardrobe for two fashion forward cities. I haven’t worn them, yet. I also have travel pants, a rain jacket and vaious favorite shirts i save for travel.

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I bought replacement black Keen Rose sandals last October and also a new black dress good for traveling. I decided to wear both of them this Summer since I sadly wouldn’t need them in Italy this year.

The item I am putting “on hold” is an empty wall in my study for a future travel photo (I have some made into canvas wall prints). The other wall has several favorites.

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On hold at home:

We haven't had any home maintenance services that require close contact with the people who provide them. They will be postponed or possibly skipped until we feel better about people being inside our house, even if we are all thoroughly masked.

I also have some voluntary, but much needed medical procedures that are scheduled soon. One's been scheduled 3 times. As Covid cases wax and wane and wax again where we live, I can imagine more changes with those.

Although I hope they can be done sooner rather than later, I can also imagine a scenario where the accomplishment of those house and personal maintenance things could coincide with the ability to travel again safely.

Which brings me to the packing "on hold" environment of this question.

I lost so much weight for positive medical reasons between August 2019 and Spring 2020, that none of my clothes still fit. The people who shop the Goodwill closest to us got the benefit of that.

I started building back my wardrobe with clothes specifically bought for my scheduled Best of Ireland in 14 days RS tour in May. What I got was geared toward rainy and cold Ireland. Ooops!

Needless to say, about 80% of those garments are not appropriate for southern AZ. Especially this year with temperatures consistently at or near 3 digits and on-target to be the 2nd driest monsoon season on record.

Eddie Bauer, always a favorite with me, started having great sales in early spring, so I started taking advantage of them. I'd gone down 2+ sizes and almost nothing was wearable in public. Much of what I've gotten consists of smaller replacements for what I had to give away.

I'm a person who rarely buys any clothing at full retail and who always thinks about how a garment will work for travel when I buy it. I mean, how could I resist a pair of pants that are lightweight, dry quickly, will work on a trip or at home, fit well and cost 25% or less than the original price?

I've been gradually wearing those new clothes in travel rehearsal mode. These days that doesn't happen very often, but it is a good thing to get through travel withdrawals. So those new things aren't exactly on hold.

Full disclosure: My closet has always been more like a river than a lake. Purging it is not an emotional thing for me. If I shop wisely, it's also not very expensive.

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We bought icebreaker and Smartwool shirts for travel last April to Budapest. I bought a convertible backpack-carryon-roller for the same trip.

We thought we'd use the shirts for hiking in Oregon this September, but wildfires cancelled that. Those are the obvious travel things on hold.

But, visiting my mother, or visversa is on hold.

So is much on my income from art fairs (also cancelled this year). Fairs are on hold. Fortunately, the bulk of our income is my husband's and it's unaffected.

We see our eldest daughter less and differently because of social distancing. It's on hold,

Our younger daughter is living with us instead of at college. Being empty nesters is on hold.

My best friend is off limits to all visitors because she has an autoimmune. Visiting in on hold.

But we zoom, and we hike locally.

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One thing not on hold around here is new travel guidebooks. If they are as close as I can come to traveling for now, I'm making the most of them :-)

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Lo, even though Covid has caused (enabled?) my weight to go the opposite direction as yours, this comment from you definitely resonates with me! I might even say my past travel has impacted this weight gain - French pastry classes! LOL!

“I always thinks about how a garment will work for travel when I buy it. I mean, how could I resist a pair of pants that are lightweight, dry quickly, will work on a trip or at home, fit well and cost 25% or less than the original price?”

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I expedited my passport renewal in February for my May trip to Romania & least I am ready to go when the going is allowed. Aside from that the only expenditure was 2 bottles of travel saline that I will use at home now.

I decided to spruce up my home—painting 2 rooms, new living room furniture since I am not spending on my usual 2 trips so the loveseat is for Budapest, sofa for Romania and ottoman for London. Re-doing my craft room since I have oodles more time to be creative...not a bad thing at all.

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I've sorted all my travel "stuff", and have been using up all the liquid travel sizes before they go off or rancid.
(But saving the empty cleaned tiny bottles for …..some trip in the future.)
As air miles and points are useless at the moment , I used some to buy a lovely new Delsey cabin- bag sized tote/case.
It's on hold for ….some trip in the future.
I also took advantage of a sale, and got some new Clarks walking sandals.
They are on hold know.

Still bookmarking apartments and hotels for...... you know....that trip on hold in the future.

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We were 3/4 through a kitchen remodel in March. We still need to have the tile backsplash done but it will have to wait until we feel comfortable having a contractor in our home.

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I had made clothes for a middle east cruise. Their use is on hold as they are more modest than most. Waiting to see if rebooked cruise this April happens. If not, some adjustments will be made to them for more practical, albeit modest, travel wear for SE Asia - an extended stay after retirement.
I took advantage of great Eddie Bauer sales for travel clothes thinking I could travel to Costa Rica for birding this winter. Not happening, so they are essentially on hold until foreign birding is available again.
My optimistic guesses of where I may be able to travel, and in what season, continue to be dashed. I have finally made myself stop shopping 'deals' for every considered trip or I will have to convert a room to a travel wardrobe closet...all clothes 'on hold'.

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I could ditto several comments above, but instead I'll chime in under my guise of minimal-packing shoestring traveler:
there are newfangled multitools without a blade, which makes them ok to fly --they have a notch with sharp interior edge for slashing open bags etc. -- that I've got ready for stowing in my carryon, but are not practical for carrying around in real life (IRL)
For the past year or so my fave pocketknife instead of an old reliable Swiss Army Knife is a sailor's folder with a blade, a shackle key, a can opener, and a marlinspike. It's grown on me, but it would set off alarms in more ways than one at the airport!

When the weather cools down (to the extent that it does) here in the Bay Area after Halloween, I'm going to try and make use of the sweaters and shoes and such that I usually save for Europe.

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I visit my US friends and family about every 2 years so on my travels I sometimes pick up gifts to take them. I was scheduled to spend 2 months in the US in early summer, but then . . . I had some Dead Sea toiletries that I gave to friends here. The Greek tees and dresses for the kids are still in the closet - even if I get to the States next year, they'll be too small, maybe they'll end up with some of my friends grandkids at some point.

A big part of my US trips is shopping for clothes and shoes on sale and stocking up on kitchen and bath supplies that aren't available here. My supplies are quickly running out!!! And I'm getting really tired of the clothes I bought in 2018, grrrr.

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I bought a pair of hiking boots (mandatory) for a three-day hike I was to take in April. I’m sure I’ll get some wear out of them this fall and winter closer to home, but it’s just not the same. sigh...

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I had purchased several tops for my BPV tour in May. These tops were on hold until about one month ago, they are now out of the suitcase and in regular rotation. By the time I travel again, I'll need to replenish my supply. I also am using my personal item as a purse now because of the need for masks, sanitizer, etc. So most of my 'on hold items' have been released.

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My new backpack that I bought myself in January was on hold during the lockdown of course.

Since then it has come back out for my twice-monthly trips to Lille to visit my husband, who is working there. (All the cobblestone streets there make my usual rolly bag most unadvisable!

But I still haven’t made it with it to Amsterdam, where I was intending to put it to good use !!

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My travel dreams are on hold, that’s it! I confess to sending an email to a lovely woman in Italy whom we have rented from several times. Her business is down 70%. It felt good to connect with her even though we can’t visit now. Her places rank high in our travel memories.
I am grateful we haven’t caught COVID as we are compromised. A grandchild got it as soon as she returned to her university.;she is OK now. Frustrating to go from a state with strong compliance to one without any!

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What is on hold until we can travel?

Travel dreaming is on hold, I guess. NOTE: In better times, when travel catalogs arrived, I used to sit down and enjoy. Now, I figure, why even look, when I know trips are not an option. They go right into the recycling bin.

There WILL be better years ahead, and I am sure as soon as I show an interest or life returns to "more" normal (whichever comes first), the catalogs will really pour in (or likely I will have been on-line looking). Right now, I have found myself saying to my spouse how lucky we are that we traveled so much when we could, and those memories are precious to us.....truly precious

......and some of the wearables we had for JUST travel........we ARE now for yard work. As a dear friend of mine always said, use the good stuff (meaning table linens, china, crystal, etc.) and is short!! And, so it is with those utilitarian shoes, shirts, hats. The multi-zip REI pocket pants are perfect for early grocery shopping....enabled me to ditch the purse. There will be time to break in new shoes well before any future overseas travel :)

Stay safe everyone, and continue to follow the protocols.....we gotta get thru fall/winter/spring. Stay informed, and, VOTE!!!!!! Please VOTE!!

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I should let this rest w Maggie's perfect ending, but I have a late addition.... a couple of pairs of underwear close to the end.. I really want to save them for a trip....🤢