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article on new products to hide valuables

Against my better judgment, I am going to mention a Travel Channel article that just popped up in my newsfeed 10 products to hide valuables that shows a variety of things - flip-flops, hairbrushes, deodorant containers, scarves, and (interestingly) hidden pocket underwear. The underwear seems logical extension of the money belt concept - surprised RS didnt think of it first. Some of these (coke can, water bottle) I've seen before for hiding valuables at home but never thought of as travel accessories.

Anyway, not looking to start a paranoid traveler discussion, I just thought it might be of interest to some.

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Hidden. Pocket. Underwear.

Just imagine all the fun you will have going through TSA.

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David, wearing no underwear would be even more fun for TSA.

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Yep, put all your coin in the hidden pocket in the underwear and see how much fun TSA has. :-)

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Looking over the offerings there (against my better judgement) I couldn't help noticing what they show being "hidden" in these devices: giant wads of cash (in a nice, fat roll), jewelry (pearls and gold), and some large, un-labeled red pills (???). Hmm.

Methinks this may be targeted at a slightly different demographic of the traveling public than the typical Rick Steves devotee...

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You'd only need something like this if you were expecting to be in a coma and needed to make your valuables "unfindable" while someone searched your comatose body.

Otherwise a regular pouch or belt will do the job just as well.

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I worked in Saudi Arabia in the 80's, and a colleague was smuggling in some bacon from the UK.
He thought.
His suitcase went missing, and he got it back months later.
Intact and still locked.
Complete with bacon.


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Given that airport agents could easily be female, I wouldn't count on a few random wrapped tampons being a deterrent to searches of your suitcase. ;-)

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This reminded me of the Beagle search dog that sniffed my carry on bag at SeaTac last Monday. I was asked to open my bag. I was asked if I had any food in the bag (I didn't) but 13 hrs prior I had a ham & cheese sandwich that I had eaten! Don't think bacon would have gotten past that cute Beagle.