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Around the world packing

I would love some suggestions regarding parking light for around the world travel.
Beginning in Hawaii the end of July, then a cruise around Japan followed by small group (12 people & local transport) from Beijing to Shanghai, then River cruise Vietnam/ Cambodia, followed by a few days on our own in Bangkok. Then turkey with another small group, local transport for a week or so, followed by down time in ischia , Italy, then Barcelona where we are embarking on a transatlantic cruise.
So.... Packing? For both a woman & a man in their 60s lugging their stuff.
Such a great problem to have, right?
Thanks in advance
PS we span late July to mid October

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I'd suggest checking out the BootsnAll website (they specialize in round the world travel). The toolkit page has sage advice about packing and an active discussion forum. Since you'll be in mostly tropical areas (in a very hot time of year), be sure to take easy wash/dry clothes. And don't forget to get appropriate immunizations (start now - some of them require multiple doses).

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YouTube has several videos from people who have done this or about to.

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We did an around-the-world trip for hubby's 50th birthday (10 years ago now). It was a self-created one and we traveled in July. We hit London, Hong Kong,
Sydney, and San Francisco. That meant summer clothes for London and Hong Kong and San Francisco, and winter for Sydney. We did layers, easily hand washed stuff that we were comfortable wearing multiple times between washings. Cotton blend pants (we are both hot natured and don't mind a bit of a chill), mix of short and long sleeve tops (also cotton blend), water proof coats with hoods.

We used Rick's convertible bags. Hubby's weighed in at about 13 lbs. and mine at about 18 lbs. So no problem With your cruises, you might want a dressier outfit or two- just take black pants, black or multi-colored dressy top and a nice scarf or two. Hubby takes dress pants, dress shirt or two and maybe a sport coat or suit jacket. Wear black flats or sandals.