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Are you bringing COVID tests? Do those not count as liquids?

I want to have a couple on hand for the start of my tour. Can I just pack them?

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Maybe it was overkill, but here’s how I handled non-proctored tests. Removed them from their boxes and put all but the liquid droppers into a baggie. Saved a lot of room. Put the droppers into an empty orange pill bottle and put that in my liquids bag.

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I travel with eye drops that are packaged inside a sealed pouch. Since I do not want to open the pouches (which help with preservation), I never put them in my liquids bag, and the small amount of liquid - maybe 1/2 oz. - never triggers any check.
I would just pack those COVID tests. If security wants to check your luggage...3 minutes and you'll be on your way, so no big deal!

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I also put the liquid vials in my 3-1-1 bag. Once I reached my first hotel, I reunited the test components in a covered plastic container.

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I took the proctored tests in my carry on and those boxes cannot be opened prior to testing. There were no issues going through security.

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Our experience was the same as Carrie's.

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Same as Carrie for our bigger boxes of proctored tests (2) which can’t be opened ahead of testing. I thought of it all as necessary medical equipment, not cosmetics or other 3-1-1 liquids and just carried it in my personal item through security with no problem.

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My Covid test kits were not treated as liquids. Nor were they flagged as a concern. There were no issues during outbound and inbound processing.

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I packed 2 boxes of sealed, non-proctored tests in my smaller carry-on bag for a trip to Noway in June. Had no issues with security. I did not even think to ask the “liquids” question for these tests.

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I'd thought of this but after the fact. As with the others I traveled with 2 boxes of the Binax non-proctored in my personal item and no issues in the least entering security in Spokane. In fact, I hit a seam and was literally the ONLY person in security when I went thru. Me and about 10 TSA staff. So...if they were bored they could easily have gone thru everything.

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I brought two of the large proctored tests and 4 boxes of the small 2-packs. Everything went through fine as regular items in my carry-on on the way to Europe and also back home through Rome and again at JFK. (While I was in Italy, the US dropped the negative test requirement, so I brought back my proctored tests. I threw out my remaining box of home tests I hadn’t used.)

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If you don't need proctored tests, buy them over there. Much cheaper than in the US.

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My personal theory is that every one needs to have at least one box of proctored test with them. Why? If you test positive on your "at home" test it is enough to disrupt travel plans, but not enough to claim on travel insurance where they are going to want an "official" test before they pay out. Some of the people who were gracious enough to post on the tour forum sometimes found themselves in more remote locations when they tested positive and also had trouble finding a pharmacy or lab that was eager to have a covid positive individual show up for a test. Most said that in retrospect they wished they had a proctored test with them.

The at home tests are easy to combine in a small baggie and are also accessible in Europe. I would have 2-3 of these along since when you are feeling symptomatic is not the best time to go out cruising and looking for tests.

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Interesting...I'm taking a box of 5 non-proctored tests (one of the freebies). I didn't even consider that they would be considered "liquids". Nor did I think about my sealed, 60 single-use eye drops would be liquids; I packed those with my meds, which include prescription eye drops.
I'll give it a try through TSA because I'm out of packing room.