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Appenzell Day Pack Prop 65 warning (for California)

Does anyone know why the Appenzell day pack has the prop 65 warning?
Also, I'm wondering what the country of origin is.

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We're not all from CA, what exactly is Prop 65?

EDIT: After reading about it I see that it refers to warning labels about possible cancer causing chemicals. Since it looks like the list of chemicals is almost infinite, it's probably easier for anything that will be sold in CA to include the warning rather than risk any consequences if the product is found to not be in compliance.

The information on the RS online store just lists it as imported. I guess if you really need to know you could email them and ask them.

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Because if you ingest the day pack it could cause cancer.

Seriously everything in California has a warning I just ignore them because they kind of gone to the little boy that cried woof status.
. There was literally a sign in my hotel that I stayed in for seven years that said ingestion of the chemicals that make up this building could cause cancer. Honestly I’ve never actually eaten the walls in my hotel room. I would just laugh every time I saw that line uncomfortable

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Thanks for the replies! It's good to know the warning is aimed at ingesting... I wasn't sure of they were referring to skin contact. I did email the RS website - if I hear any additional info I'll post it here.

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Reply from customer service:
We are adding the warning to comply with the California State law that requires labelling of all products, and our bags are manufactured in China. We are confident that our merchandise vendors absolutely comply with all USA Government regulations and guidelines for chemicals most commonly discussed (such as lead), but It would be prohibitively expensive to test the products and guarantee that they do not contain any of the over 800 chemicals from the Prop 65 list, which includes some things such as alcohol, aspirin, cocaine, fuel oil, tobacco smoke, etc. In the state of California, many establishments such as gas stations, hotels, and supermarkets post similar Prop 65 notices to the public. If you are interested in reading more about Prop 65, go to

I own an Appenzell and my daughter and I have shared it for years. Neither of us have suffered any health consequences whatsoever as a result. Would prefer for Rick Steves to make his bags in USA or at least, an allied nation. (Even Central America - could help a few people out of poverty.).

My old Appenzell was manufactured by Kiva Bags in Vietnam, which I prefer over China. But, probably still not best conditions. Perhaps, RS is helping people in poverty with his contracts. He may require humane labor standards.