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My family has taken the Appenzell several times on budget airline frontier. 18” x 14” x 8.”
Never once questioned. We always place it in the sizer boxes at the gate. If stuffed to Max - it does bulge like a tic and can be hard to fit in box. So, we removed an item or two and transferred to another family member’s bag. But, Frontier never bothered with it. We probably could have left the items in the bag.

If you are going on Ryanair or another airline with more restrictive dimensions - this is not the bag for you.
(Unless you under fill it and squish it.)

Will fit under most airline seats. This is where we store it on airplanes.

Mr. E,
Lufthansa seems to be an outlier. Very few bags qualify for Lufthansa as underseat luggage. I think Luft. has the most restrictive personal item policy. Ryanair and Air Canada run tight, but not as much as Luft..

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Does this bag have a trolley sleeve? (Luggage passthrough)

Dear Laurie Y,
No. The Appenzell does not have a trolley strap.
You can tip it sideways and use the backpack straps. (Less desirable option) Or, strap it to a bag with an “add a bag” strap attached to the haul handle.

Trolley straps are nice and do a better job of securing a bag to luggage.
We just use it as a backpack.