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Anyone use the North Face Angstorm 30 as their Europe travel pack?


Soon to be embarking on my first European backpacking adventure and need to get a pack. I'm on a tight budget and have been scouring Craigslist for a suitable pack at and affordable price. I came across one of these... $45. I was wondering if anyone has experience using this pack for extended travel (I'll be traveling for 2 months) and would care to share their thoughts on it's pros and cons?


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what i found out was that there are 2 "standards" the airline industry uses to determine what goes with you and what doesnt. I chose the smaller of the 2 since i felt that i woudnt have an issue carry with me onboard. On my return flight, i dont care, but when im heading there, id rather not loose my check in luggage.

i didnt do alot of digging, but the smaller measurements i went by were: 22 x 14 x 9 inches.

Since youre gong to be gone for 2 months, i would try to maximize that size or even go with the 2nd and larger "standard" since due to your length of stay. I say that since youre on a "tight budget" you wont be able to stop and buy whatever you need and will have to bring it with you.

just an for your info, i have a pack/bag that fits the smaller dimensions and i use it on my 1 month trips with no problems. I do send stuff back home to eliminate carrying extra stuff at each stop, but this will probably be a luxury for you.

one last comment. I say... "buy once, cry once". with that said, if youre going to make a habit of doing more traveling, i would seriously think about getting a decent bag/pack -once.

the last comment/hint i can think of is to do a "dry run" with your packing and all of the stuff you THINK you will want to bring. You can use those reusable grocery bags (cloths/woven plastic) and fill/pack them and see how you will do with that pack. you can then measure the volume of the bag and compare it to the pack.

happy trails.

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Looks like the NF pack would meet airline carry-on dimensions and a 30 liter volume should be adequate for minimalist three season travel if you are not camping and plan on daily laundry. You would likely need to pick up a light duffle bag if you acquire stuff during you travels.

You should check pack fit, especially if your torsal length is extremely long or short. It's a good idea to carry it around for a day with full load before starting a long trek.

You may also want to bring extra carry straps that will secure your weather jacket for warm blue sky days.

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You may want to get some packing cubes and folders to maximize and organize your stuff in your pack. If you are going to do laundry every 5th day or so, you can just pack for those few days. You can try to find packing organizers at local outlet stores. Or, you can go to eagle or for packing tips regardless of purchase. If you are taking a raincoat -get one with a hood that compresses into its own pocket. A zip-up fleece vest is good for warmth and doesn't take much space. Final tip, look for a bag that is mostly rectangular in shape. The more corners are rounded off - the less packing space you have. You may even be able to manage with a 20x14x8 case. But, don't go any smaller than that.

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This looks very like my travel bag (no longer available) that I love. The internal frame is a nice touch even though it adds a bit of weight, well worth it in my opinion, especially for a long trip.

Do not get anything bigger. A longer trip does not argue for a bigger bag—the opposite if anything.

I hope it's clear however that I have not used this particular bag, but North Face makes good stuff.

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One downside of a backpack that you stuff things into from the top down is that you can't open it flat to see all your stuff. One that's meant for "travel" (instead of school or hiking) can make packing easier. I'm sure I thought hard before paying $100+ for my Eagle Creek carry-on-sized travel backpack in 1996, but it's been going strong ever since. I have also appreciated the expandable zipper feature, since dirty clothes seem to take up more room and I do sometimes shop for souvenirs. Rick's Convertible Carry-On is a similar style to the one I use.