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Anyone have a problem making Rick Steves' flexilock work?

Hello. Has anyone bought the flexilock from Rick And has anyone had any problem setting a combination and making the lock open up? I thought I followed the instructions that came with the lock, but could not make it open after I set my own combination.

I have left a phone message with Customer Service, and am waiting for someone to help me with this. Maybe an experienced traveler from you all can help me faster? Thank you, all.

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Have you tried the original combo used before setting yours. Hopefully your combo didn't take.

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Brilliant idea! So, I tried your suggestion; it didn't work. I messed up something somewhere. I thought it should be easy to undo whatever junk combination I had set unknowingly by just resetting to 000, but that didn't work either. Maybe there is something with how to align the digits with the vertical line.

Thanks for your suggestion.

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I do not have the RS lock, but my SIL, brother and I all had a similar one from Lewis and Clark brand which had cables on both ends. SIL's failed at the airport in Seattle and she had to find some scissors and cut it off. Brother's failed a number of hours later at our hotel in Dublin where the desk clerk cut it off with pliers. At this point mine was still working so I got it off my bag and threw it away. In both instances they knew the combo so that was not the problem, but the issue was that the combo would no longer release the cable ends.

I've stopped locking my bag, just use a carabiner to keep the zips closed, then use a luggage strap around it all.

Good luck!

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Now it gets complicated because there is no magic key if you set a wrong combo. I am guessing you got the wrong because one of the dials slipped as you were changing and you didn't notice. Are you working with three or four dials? Try this --
Set the combo that you think you installed - say 4444. then try 3444, 5444, 4344,4544. See the pattern. This will work if you are only one digit off. You can try that fairly quickly.

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I've been using the RS FlexLock for many years, and these have always worked well. I agree with Frank that something must have happened when you tried to set the combination.

As I recall, a combination of three numbers provides 1000 possible combinations. You could either work through those or take the FlexLocks to a Locksmith, as he may be able to open them for you (for a charge, or course).