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Anyone else wear IZIPIZI reading glasses?

My favorite travel purchase ever was a pair of reading glasses that I found in a little shop in Amsterdam four years ago. They were very cool looking readers from a French company called IZIPIZI (easy-peezy). They came in a multitude of colors and I loved how they looked on me. I bought a pair in olive green for €30.

And not only did they look good, but they stayed on my head when I pushed them up there (which i do many times a day). I loved them so much that when I got home, I started searching online and found them at Bloomingdales so I bought another pair in navy blue. I then discovered they carried sunglasses when I was browsing through the Minneapolis Institute of Art gift shop. Three pairs now, and they all looked great. AND they last! They're very well made and I still have my original pair from four years ago.

Recently, I discovered that you can buy them directly from IZIPIZI in France and they offer free shipping for purchases over $60. Two more pairs ordered - one in red and one in tortoise and I'm sure I'll buy more. Yes, I am shamelessly promoting these because I think they are wonderful and so great for traveling! 🙂

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No I don’t but I do have countless pairs in different colors and styles from my 99cent store.

Got a pair of pink ones on right now as I type this post on my iPhone. The aqua blue frames are the ones that get the most compliments.

Easy to pack ( I take 2 pair ) and no stress if misplaced or lost.

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They look cute, especially the blue tortoise color! Unfortunately, my family has large heads and anything tight gives me headaches, so I need to try on a pair of glasses in a physical store (or free returns).

But, I agree - always bring a spare pair of reading glasses! I had two on a solo trip, and the tiny screw started backing out of the first pair during my first day in Italy! Luckily, I noticed and was able to squeeze & turn it back to a functional stability. But it was a good lesson for me to bring a spare of anything that critical.

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I have never heard of this brand...but my reading glasses must also have blue light blocking. I work from home and am on the computer all day and the blue light block has saved my eyes. I also use the same glasses for reading. I get 5 pair for $15 on Amazon and they are super cute, the set is in 5 different colors including a tortoise. I keep two at my workstation, one by my reading nook, one at my bedside and one in my purse. I thought for that price I will make do until I can find something more durable/fashionable...but these have proven to be both.

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I like the look of these - great colours. Have you tried the sunglass readers? Last summer when I wanted to sit and read outside, I had to put my sunglasses over my readers to block the glare and be able to see the page. It would be really nice to have readers & sunglasses combined in one.

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I had to put my sunglasses over my readers to block the glare and be able to see the page. It would be really nice to have readers & sunglasses combined in one.

I'm with Claudia. I get my readers at the dollar store and have 4 pairs scattered around my house and car so I can always find one. They also make reading sunglasses so I have a pair of those for reading on the beach - best idea ever.