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Any good luggage/duffels with wheels, an extendable handle, AND shoulder strap?

Has anyone found any well-made, soft-side bags in the +/- 25" long size range (larger than carry-on) that have wheels, an extendable handle, AND shoulder strap? I've seen some on Amazon made by smaller companies but apparently they're cheaply made (per reviews of stitches ripping after a use or two). I haven't yet found any made by companies I know are reliable, but may be missing some.

The only reason we haven't switched to wheeled luggage is the lack of shoulder straps (or a way to add them), as far as I've seen so far. For us, a shoulder strap is an absolute necessity for walking in areas one can't easily wheel, like rough cobblestone streets, up many flights of stairs, in crowded areas where you don't want your bag trailing behind your line of sight, etc. We can each carry even a large, heavy duffel on our shoulder for a good while, especially with some hand assist on the strap, but I can't do it just carrying by hand. And we don't like traveling with backpacks... we don't feel secure in crowded places with bags on our backs, and are too prone to turning and whacking people in the face with them (sorry, can't help it).

We don't need wheeled carry-ons. we're strong enough to carry those anywhere. But sometimes we need the larger bags given what we need for work and hobbies.

Thank you!

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Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler XL - we have them and love them. They are a rolling duffle, with backpack conversion (which we don't use, and a place to attach shoulder straps). We have the 120L ones, but I wish I would have gotten the smaller one for myself. We actually love our Eagle Creek EXPANSE luggage better, as the duffle big. Eagle Creek has a lifetime warranty. They just had a HUGE LaborDay sale -- we always buy it on sale. Eddie Bauer also makes a nice one, but we like the Eagle Creek one much better.

IF you get luggage with 2 large wheels, like the Eagle Creek Expanse line or Briggs & Riley, or any good large 2 wheeled luggage, they go over cobble stone well.

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. We can each carry even a large, heavy duffel on our shoulder for a good while,

You probably are part of 1% of the population that can do so, thus the dearth of availability for such a bag.

The potential market is just too small to be economically practical for a company to supply

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I cant think of bags in that size with single shoulder straps, but there are at least a few that size with wheels and backpack straps—Eagle Creek, as mentioned above, and fin Osprey.

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Thanks everyone!

Scudder and joe32F — Yeah, our current Briggs & Riley is a 25” x 15” x 12.5” soft, top-opening (I don’t know the lingo) bag that has a shoulder strap and is great. Had it for years. We also have one from Tumi that’s the same deal, similar size. We’ve never had an issue for decades, but it would be so much nicer not to have to carry them all the time, hence the desire for a wheels option at those times.

ChinaLake67 — Thank you! Yeah, those Eagle Creaks look good, but they only have either a 29” (too big) or 21.5” (too small), haha. I wish there was one in the middle but I get that they can’t do so many sizes!

markcw — Thanks, great minds… I went to the one good luggage repair place near me today to check on adding D-rings to a bag since none of the good ones I’ve found so far has a place to attach a shoulder strap already. They’re booked for 3 weeks, which is when we travel next of course haha! I’m searching for another.

Cheers all, and thanks again!

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Glenno - try a cobbler/shoe repair store.

If nothing in Pasadena, try Robert's Shoe Repair here in Atwater Village: 3371 Glendale Blvd Ste #135, Los Angeles, CA 90039

(323) 665-6110

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Thanks very much, Mark! An old master everyone here used to rely on sadly retired when Covid hit, so Lazars in Sherman Oaks (the booked-up one) has been the only other expert I've known. I'll check this one out.