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Another Travel Pants Thread

Yup, another travel pants thread. I've done the searching of the other threads but haven't found 'just what I'm looking for, so I'm hoping some people can push me in the right direction. I've purchased several pairs of 'travel' pants and they seem to be lacking in one or two fields.

What I'm looking for:
-Relaxed fit
-Non 'parachute material feel'

I don't have a need for convertiable pants, nor do I have much of a need for lots of pockets (I tend to carry a backpack as I don't really carry stuff in my pockets even outside of traveling). I understand that if I want light weight and quick drying I'll have to sacrifice a bit, but I'd rather avoid something that feels so light I'm afraid it'll rip wide open catching on the tiniest thing. Also I dislike that 'swish swish' and 'shiney' look.

I've seen Royal Robins Global Travelers, REI Adventure Pants, ExOfficio Nomads and Rohans Fusions recommended here and there, but I don't have any stores nearby to try on any of these things.

Any recommendations?


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FWIW, I don't take “travel pants” I take what I am comfortable in. I take 3 pair: jeans, black hiking pants (Columbia’s Titan Peak), and a dressier pair, usually Eileen Fisher crepe or J. Crew’s Cameron pant. I feel I can deal with whatever travel throws at me with these three. If I was not to take the hiking pants, I would take a second pair of jeans. I favor the brand NYJD for jeans as they are not too heavy.

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Tommy Bahama jeans the relaxed fit; try them on see what you think they have a little stretch never fill tight or stiff.

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If I was not to take thenh8ing pants

Is this some new fashion thing or did your keyboard have a spasm?

EDIT-- Thanks for clarifying "the hiking " pants

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What's your gender? Hard to recommend something without knowing who's gonna wear it...
Are you looking for something like denim or, a performance fabric?
Are you looking for more of a general use, all-around pant or, something for a specific region?

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I got a pair of north face Aphrodite pants for Switzerland last year. Totally comfortable and loose fit for me, I also can wear long johns underneath when cold. They run long whichworks perfectly for me. I use them a lot still.

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These are both women's pants, disregard if you're interested in mens clothing.
Prana and Athleta are two other brands I like. My favorite "hiking" pants are the Prana Halle. They are not thin but not heavy, comfortable, and look presentable enough for all casual situations. I like a more fashionable look for city travels, so I call these hiking pants but really they work very nicely for normal touring too.
HERE, I have gray but there are several colors, there's also a straight leg version

My other favorite is Athleta, but these are little more fitted and thin. Definitely not all the way over to that side of the spectrum, but may be more that way than you prefer. I like them because they are lightweight (better for hot weather and packing weight limits), and look good with walking shoes or dressed up a bit more with ballet flats and a blouse. HERE, this brand has other pants too, take a look

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EAstern Mountain Sports and LLBean have a lot of options, choices. I have a few pairs from LLBean that look dressy but are relaxed and line dry overnight when washed.

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If you are male, please consider golf pants. They are stylish, lightweight, and do not wrinkle easily. After all, they are made for lots of walking in all kinds of weather. My husband found them perfect for Italy in September. We did not sink wash them during our trip, so I cannot comment on how quickly they dry. They are sold in department stores and sporting goods stores. We got his at Belk's and Academy Sports.

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I am betting shadowgun is male, so I will recommend my husband's all-time favorite for casual wear, travel, and hiking: the Stretch Zion pant by Prana. Review (focused on a climbing pant, but the features work for travel as well):

The fabric is not at all shiny or slinky; it is substantial, with an Oxford-cloth type weave. They are trim-fitting, not baggy like cargo pants, and the slight stretch makes for comfort. You can find them on Amazon, or look for them on sale at REI or other outdoor store.


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PrAna uses the same technical fabric across a number of different pant cuts and options. Go to their web site and search for 'Zion'. (Fabric is named after the men's cargo pants they first used it for) The MSRP can be a little on the high side, but once you know the name of a specific pant style you like, you can often find it discounted from Amazon, REI Outlet, Backcountry, etc.

That fabric is very comfortable, washes well, doesn't wrinkle, and is darn near indestructible. The Spousal Unit got his first pairs of Zions for a Europe trip in 2013, wears them all the time on weekends and evenings, and they still look great.

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Eddie Bauer makes a decent lightweight pair of "trekking" slacks that look rather like chinos. They are comfortable and very light, but feel like a cotton blend (I don't think they are). They had a selection at Costco last week.

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Joe I fixed my keyboard spasm.

I assumed a female traveler. 😬 Sorry of my advice does not fit.

As I now suspect this is a man asking for advice, my hubby also brings nice Columbia hiking pants and his choice for the other two pairs is Lands End no iron slacks. They are not heavy and they look OK after hanging to dry, which is usually the only option when we travel in Europe.

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My husband takes golf pants, and they don’t have that swishing sound, look nice, and dry overnight.

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You guys all wear pants on vacation? Hmmm. Maybe that’s why I get a lot of looks. I thought it was because I’m strikingly good looking.

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Same pants as I usually wear, M&S, Tesco or if I feel I might risk exposing the waist band, Calvin Klein.

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Ha ha Paul.

The last 3 places I took a trip to I didn't wear trousers either or pants. Just a swim suit while there. Ah, I love the beach.

But when I do take trousers, I just take what I wear around home. Khakis that are 100% cotton. Blue jeans also all cotton. Work better than anything I have ever found that called it self travel wear.

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I only wear pants from Clothing Arts when I travel, they are designed so they cannot be pick-pocketed and I appreciate not having to worry about my money or passport. They are made from a nylon material that feels like cotton and they wash and dry fast while traveling. This summer I will be on the RS Switzerland tour during July and I will only take two pairs of convertible pants so I will have essentially two pairs of pants and two pairs of shorts, considering I will be wearing one pair on the flight over makes it much easier to pack light!

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I’ll second the Clothing Arts recommendation. It’s not so much that I’m weird about pickpocket attacks, I just like having all my little stuff separated out into designated and securely closed pockets. I think the nylon pants have a total of nine pockets, seven are double or triple secured. And they sell shorts, couple of shirts, some jeans, women’s clothing—all with hidden or secured pockets. Cool stuff. Not cheap.

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For hiking pants that don't look too much like hiking pants and have minimal shininess and 'swish' noise, check out the LLBean Cresta hiking pants in the 5-pocket version -- basically a jeans cut that leaves out the cargo pockets but still has the lightweight and quick-dry advantages. For a slightly more rugged option, look at Sierra Designs -- they have a cotton blend version that definitely feels non-synthetic, and they have a treated version that is almost as good as rain pants -- you can safely sit on damp surfaces, etc.

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Just jeans. Why would I want to wear anything else? Comfy, you don't have to wash them all the time, and they look great.

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For times of year when it is a bit warmer, I purchased bamboo capris from a pajama store, I have Yala brand. They are light, very breathable and do dry quickly. Other times of year I travel with what I wear to work, polyester ( or that type of material) black pants. No swishy sounds from either. The bamboo are super comfy and the style have do not look like pj pants, hey have a flared bottom, I do love them.

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Outlier has received many accolades for their technical fabric but look like normal pants creations. I recently purchased a pair of their Slim Dungarees and a pair of their Futureworks pants for an upcoming three week trip to Italy. Those are the only pants I will be taking.

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Craghoppers from Travelsmith. Maybe on Amazon. Not sure what parachute pants would be like.

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If you have a LOT of time before your next trip, check out what's at the upscale thrift stores in your area (real charity shops for a specific hospital / disease / cause) -- go with a list of recommended brands and see if there's anything available. If you buy a $5 pair of pants and you don't like the way they feel/ sound/ wash, at least it's a minor expenditure (and you can always donate them back for a charitable deduction if you itemize on your taxes.) FYI, I have seen Royal Robbins, REI, Eddie Bauer and other known brands -- not to mention Eagle Creek travel cubes and Rick Steves' Civita backpacks.

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I do wish the OP would chime back in here.

On the assumption that he's male, I have three suggestions. The common denominator is "stretch." Seems like all mens clothes advertise themselves as stretchy these days, but these pants really live up to the claim. All are amazingly comfortable and the first two I list below would definitely be in the quick-dry realm, as well.

1) UB Tech travel pants from Costco. They've been mentioned multiple times on the forum. They show up in warehouses mid- to late winter and might be gone now, though you can track them down elsewhere online, but they'll cost more that way. Stretch material, especially the waist. Almost impossible to wrinkle. Quick-dry, nylon/spandex blend material is smooth and doesn't have much of the parachute "swish" the OP wants to avoid.

2) Nike Flex golf slacks. I picked up a pair at Kohl's. Amazingly lightweight at just 10 ounces, stretchy and comfortable. Good for just walking around and a slightly dressier look for evening.

3) IZOD performance stretch jeans. I may never wear another pair of jeans. I had sworn off taking jeans on trips, but these have me reevaluating.