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Another Travel Pants Thread

Yup, another travel pants thread. I've done the searching of the other threads but haven't found 'just what I'm looking for, so I'm hoping some people can push me in the right direction. I've purchased several pairs of 'travel' pants and they seem to be lacking in one or two fields.

What I'm looking for:
-Relaxed fit
-Non 'parachute material feel'

I don't have a need for convertiable pants, nor do I have much of a need for lots of pockets (I tend to carry a backpack as I don't really carry stuff in my pockets even outside of traveling). I understand that if I want light weight and quick drying I'll have to sacrifice a bit, but I'd rather avoid something that feels so light I'm afraid it'll rip wide open catching on the tiniest thing. Also I dislike that 'swish swish' and 'shiney' look.

I've seen Royal Robins Global Travelers, REI Adventure Pants, ExOfficio Nomads and Rohans Fusions recommended here and there, but I don't have any stores nearby to try on any of these things.

Any recommendations?


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There is a slight discussion about travel shirts below that somewhat addresses your question. Unfortunately you have to be on the look out year around to find the type of clothing you are looking for because they turn up in the oddest places. We avoid all cotton for lots reasons and all nylon for your stated reason. But you can find cotton blends that solve a lot of problems. My dressy travel pants is a Dockers from Kohls that I purchased several years that came with zipper pockets behind the front slash pockets and rear pockets. Have never seen another pair like that since then. My favorite travel pants is a 30% cotton blend from Sams that came with 7 secured pockets. Again haven't seen it in a couple of years. My third pants is from REI. It is light weight, synthetic blend (no cotton) but does not have a nylon look or feel. It feels flimsy but has been very durable. It is tougher than it looks.

I find all of the RR, ExOfficio, TravelSmith, etc., to be expensive with the safari look. You should have plenty of options in the TriCities area. May have to drive soon but check outdoor sports stores. If you have time, look everywhere and even in thrift stores.