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Another reason to seriously consider "packing light".....

Just thought I'd share our recent experience flying home from Madrid this weekend and why travelers should seriously consider carry on only!!

Spent our last night in Madrid with a noon flight the next day. I'd injured my hand two days before we left on our trip and so handling my carry on and personal item was a bit challenging - as were other things- through our trip! So we decided to "splurge" and take a cab to the airport. However, the hotel staff informed as that there would be no taxi service or bus to the city center the morning of our departure due to a marathon!

Which left the metro!! Normally not a big deal but with one hand virtually out of commission (and a trip that would require two line changes) the prospect was a bit daunting even with a small carry on and a personal item (21 inch bag unextended and a 15x6x9 inch travel briefcase). Do able but with two flights ahead of us, not ideal.

Fortunately, the staff was able to arrange for us to get a cab outside the immediate city center which meant only one line on the metro! Still a bit of a hike to the metro and lots and lots of stairs but def better than two line changes!!!
If we had had large and overly heavy cases (or more than one each) this would have been virtually impossible to do, So, the moral of this story is that when considering your travel plans consider that you may have to schlep yourself and your luggage a great deal farther than you plan for!!!

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Hope your hand is on the mend.
A good tale about why to pack light.
My second trip to Europe was California to Brussels back when Laker Airlines used to fly and when wheeled luggage was not built like they are now. I had 2 suitcases about 24-25 inches each...and arrived in a metro/train strike. We had to use the city bus everywhere in Belgium. My back packing sister who met me there, was not impressed with my luggage anchor. It got worse as I bought more and more hand crafted wooden toys for my son. That was my lesson learned. Now it is carry on wheelie, and a light weight cross body maximum size personal item.

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I occasionally travel with a 24" suitcase instead of my 21 inch. DH always travels with a 24". We check our bags (don't judge). I need to travel sort of 1 handed, since I need my cane in my left hand when walking. But our personal items can either be securely slipped over the handles of the suitcase using a sleeve, or worn using the cross body strap. This worked well on metros and trains last fall. But I sure wouldn't have wanted to wrestle a suitcase larger than that up some of those metro stairs!

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We stayed in Corniglia (Cinque Terre) in 2012. The morning we were going to catch the train to our next spot, the shuttle van that ran between the village center and the train station was having mechanical issues, so we had to schlep down I don't know how many stairs to the rail stn. I had never been so happy that we both only had a 22 inch carry on and our personal size bag. And even that was a PITA, since we were going down stairs and couldn't really let the suitcase bounce along. (We found out a few hrs before that the shuttle wouldn't be running, so we gave ourselves lots of time).

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Hand is coming along slowly :-(

All I could think about was all those people I saw at the airport with mountains of luggage - yikes!! This trip def reminded me why I pack light!