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Another neck pillow thread

Has anyone tried this neck pillow? All in One Ultimate

I'm a side sleeper, and I don't like having things close around my neck. A couple of years ago i bought a self-inflating REI pillow that was highly recommended by WireCutter. However, it just didn't work. I have not slept on the plane my last two trips and arrived in England feeling like a zombie. I'm hoping this might make the difference, but it's a bit costly.


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I see your point; hadn't thought about the falling forward thing. Thank you for the suggestion!
EDIT: Did you find it to be too warm? Some reviewers did.

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Side sleepers unite.

I have a very sensitive neck after surgery so hate anything confining around it. I use a pillow I got at Target that has microbeads in a stretchy tube that clips together. Let's you push the beads away from the back so they don't push your head forward. Then you can adjust as needed. It's a bit bulkier than my old blowup but actually weighs less.

I also have and highly recommend the Sleepy Ride footrest (Amazon has it and several similar). It hooks over the tray table arms. You can put your feet in it or rest the back of your calves - or one of each. With it I could kinda of get myself turned sideways. I used going to and from Ireland last summer in Delta Economy Comfort seats and it made a major difference to my comfort.

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I have one very similar to the 22 dollar inflatable on the Magellan site....I wear it backwards. And with help of dramamine, get some sleep.
In classic "not answering the original question " style, I want to admit, that I, too have always been a side sleeper. However, with some surgery and now arthritis on my left side, if I rolled onto that side, pain usually woke me up. I started to lay flat on my back as I was falling asleep, with my elbow on a pillow and my wrist elevated more w a second small pillow..and to roll over on to that side is just about impossible because of pillows, just like training yourself to tolerate a bite blocker or a cpap, I think you can adjust to a second sleep position. I wonder if you could work on at least some back sleeping before yr flight.

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Regarding getting too hot: I did not get too hot, and in fact, I find planes quite cold, so struggle to stay warm, so for me, the potential added warmth could be nice, but I didnt notice feeling 'too' warm at all. And another benefit I liked is that, because the side cushions are against your ears, you get a hushed sound (reduces plane and other noise like talking, service trays, etc). One thing Id like to add to it is a small pad where my back-neck meets my upper spine. I find those big U-shaped pillows too fat back there (pushes my head forward a bit, which makes my head fall forward when I sleep), but this one needs a little pad for support - like a padded chin-rest for a violin but sewn onto the back of this one maybe ;p

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cjtraveler--I've considered foot rests as I usually end up slouched down in the seat with my feet stretched out under the seat in front of me. However, I am 5'8" and I don't know if I'd just end up with my legs scrunched up with a foot rest.

Thanks, all!