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Anker 47W charger with 2 USB-C ports

I'm always trying to limit what I take on trips. For this upcoming trip, I will be bring my iPhone 14 and an iPad mini 6 and I was dreading having to pack both chargers, especially the iPad. For anyone who has an iPad, you know the charger is somewhat bulky. And those who have new iPhones know that Apple no longer includes the chargers. You can use your old charger, but if it's lightning to USB-A, it won't charge as fast as the lightning to USB-C will.

So when I came across this charger, I decided that this is just what I need. It has 2 USB-C ports, which means I can charge my iPhone and my iPad mini at the same time and only use one UK adaptor. And it will charge much faster than the older chargers. Even better, the charger is slightly smaller than the old iPhone charger, so it takes up very little space. No more large iPad charger. You can also charge anything else that uses USB-C - for example, my newer Kindle does, my AirPods, and my Apple watch. I can even use it at home to charge my MacBook Pro when I take that with me places. Oh, also, the prongs fold down when traveling, making it even more compact.

Anyway, I thought I would pass this on. I'm sure there are other similar chargers out there, but Anker is a brand I trust and find their products very reliable.

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Thanks, but I really don't need the USB-A port (especially if I have to pay more) or the adaptors. And 45W is good enough for me. :) But it looks like a nice option if someone does need them.

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I use an Anker charger for my Android phone, and I like it a lot. If I understand the description on Amazon, yours will charge one device super-fast and two devices not as fast, but still fast enough. Now the US needs to follow the EU's lead and mandate USB-C everywhere, to keep all those other cords and chargers from choking our landfills. ;-)

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I have a similar Anker charger with 2 USB-C ports, but mine looks a little bigger than yours. It does charge quickly. I bring a power strip that can handle charging my iPhone and iPad (I use the charger I just described), my Apple watch and my husbands iPhone and iPad. I like that it has a cord that allows me to plug it in anywhere and keeps the devices accessible. Another convenience is that I only need one adapter.

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I've got an Anker 65W charger that is bigger than yours, Marie. In fact I guess it's about the side of an Apple computer charger. But it does have the advantage of having the interchangeable plugs for Europe, UK, and US. For me that is worth the extra size and weight but maybe I am kidding myself !!! I do really love how fast it charges, though.