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Ugh, looks like the plastic pants I used to put over the kids cloth diapers.

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Michael, duh, you prepare them BEFORE your trip!

I love Archie McPhee - glad they're still in business. They sell great, albeit totally pointless, stuff.

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Here is some of the description:

" Fits most children and small adults." (Indicative of my state of mind, not my size.)

Under Features and Details

• And remember it better to have damp underpants than no underpants at all.

If they were a fit, I would take them as is in the tin. Once overseas I would rehydrate one as needed & let it dry over night. ;-)

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I have to say that this is the dumbest waste of time I've ever see, or nearly.

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I read the reviews on Amazon at this link

The poor reviews are from people who took it seriously. The rave reviews are from people who bought it as a gag gift - apparently the hilarity factor is worth the $5.

Thanks for my morning smile!

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Proves yet again that:
Commando is the way to go!
I feel!

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I'm going to pass on those, but I DID order 2 of these cool Star Trek food replicators ! One for the fridge, and one for the washing machine. If I really like them, I'm gonna get another one for my car door!

I'm considering the Inflatable Window for our upstairs, windowless, bathroom.