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Amazon Basics travel products

Hello everyone! I hope you’re doing well.

As the title says, I was wondering if any of you have get anything from the Amazon basics brand: luggage, packing cubes, backpacks, toiletry kit... anything and what do you think of it and if you recommend it. I personally don’t invest too much in travel accessories, that’s why I’ve been interested in affordable brands (Amazon, EBags, Rick’s...)

I recently bought the Ultralight Portable Packable Day Pack, and will arrive either today or tomorrow. I don’t need but it’s only $15.

I was thinking in getting another backpack or packing cubes next.

Thank you.

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I have their packing cubes and have been very happy with them. I use mainly for organizing vs some who are more interested in compression. Their prices are reasonable and there are lots of colors.

I like that their sets come in different size combinations to best suit how you want to use them and your luggage space. For instance, some people use cubes to pack one days worth of clothing in which case a set of all small ones might be best. If you are traveling with carryon only then the largest cube might be too much.

I'd recommend watching a lot of YouTube videos on how to use packing cubes to see what will work best for you.

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Our kids like them so we bought one a couple of years ago to see if we would like them. We did. They're nice, not expensive, and they allow you to organize packing a bit better. I found I could pack a couple of days of stuff in a cube way ahead of time and then throw the cubes in the suitcase on travel day and nothing comes out wrinkled. We also swap a cube into each others suitcases in case one bag doesn't arrive with us.

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I haven't bought Amazon Basics travel products. I have bought other Amazon Basics label products, such as an audio cable that was priced right, packaged in eco-friendly materials and works well. Made in China.

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Thank you very much for your help, my backpack arrived today and it looks very good.

I think I will order the packing cubes next.

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All of my travel products have been purchased from RS over the last 15 years and I am happy with all of them.

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The Amazon Basics are all a good price for the product.

My biggest issues is that they use deceptive words like “ultralight” when the product is merely on the slightly lighter side of average.

For example, the “ultralight” portable day pack is 8 oz. it sounds good until you realize that the Sea to Summit day pack is 2.5 oz. The “lightweight” large packing cube is 3.5 oz. Compare this to the Eagle Creek large cube which is 2.4 oz.

So while the products are a decent weight, they aren’t as light as other products. Many people won’t care. But others with weight restrictions on their luggage may care.

Most ultralight products come at a higher price because the lighter material costs more. A lot of ultralight products aren’t found on Amazon, but on other outdoors gear websites.

This is one of those issues where the buyer needs to be aware. The product may be fine for your style of travel. Just don’t believe the hype.

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I have the packing cube set from Rick’s and I haven’t had the chance of using them, my husband likes them so much he uses them every trip, hehe.

CindyH, I agree with you, it’s not as lightweight as I wanted it, I still have my eye on the Sea to Summit daypack. I already bought their toiletry bag and it’s very light. I’m just waiting for a sale to get the daypack.

Edit to add: the Amazon daypack according to my scale, weighs 6.6 ounces. 4 oz heavier than the Sea to Summit.

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I stopped my Amazon purchases a few months back over their treatment of Warehouse workers. Everything they've done since (ex: rescinded Hazard pay) has only confirmed the decision. I go out of my way to support local businesses if possible, and if necessary I'll jump through a few more hoops to order from the Manufacturer. I understand other people may not be in a position to do so.

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I'm a newbie to travel. Took 2 back to back Rick Tours last year. Was scheduled for another before pandemic cancelled it. I'm not the guy for sophisticated travel advice but I'm pretty happy with Rick's Rolling Travel bag and some other things (packing cubes, etc) people bought me for presents for the trips.

Had a new pair of Columbia Waterproof boots I was going to try out with the cancelled tour. :(

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When I traveled to Europe with my wife in a wheelchair, I bought one of the Amazon Basic backpack carry on suitcases. All of their travel stuff is of moderate quality and perfectly decent.
I ended up towing my wife's suitcase while pushing her in the wheelchair, and made the trip without any assistance of any kind. She's since had a knee replacement but wanted to go last year with the wheelchair since we went to the first of any airline or restaurant que. I refused, and she's walking again.

Any of the Amazon Basics products are decent buys.

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Compression packing cubes allow you to pack more clothes but more clothes just adds to the weight of your luggage.

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I don't think of it that way (or act that way). My compression cubes allow me to fit my modest number of garments in a smaller (more maneuverable and lighter-weight) suitcase than would otherwise be possible.

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Thank you for your responses, I’ve been reading your opinions, and I agree that the quality is decent. I have got some kitchen silicon mats and small purchases from their brand and so far I haven’t been disappointed.

I have 2 set of compression cubes: Eagle Creek and Sharper Image, and even the extra zipper adds a few grams of weight, it allows me to pack my backpack better. I use the one that Sarah Murdoch recommends in her blog, the G4Free backpack. But now, I’m going to check out the Amazon compression cubes 😉

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I have the AmazonBasics travel backpack. Although it has held up okay it is cheaply made. No cushion in the carry handles so it is like a hard piece of plastic cutting into my hand as I walk down the jet bridge to board my plane. At $50 it's a good budget buy if you don't have much money but if you can spare another$20-$30 I highly recommend ebags products over Amazon for travel. Amazon seems to closely copy all things ebags. I have replaced my Amazon Basics travel backpack with the ebags motherlode and will soon be putting the Amazon one up for sale. I also use the ebags packing cubes and have been using them for 3 years. Love them. I bought the 6 piece set but find I only use the medium and small cubes. My latest purchase during covid is the ebags compression cubes 2 piece medium/small set that is $16 on sale now I've done a sample pack with it to compare with the ebags classic cubes and I think I'll use this more since I like shopping on trips and can expand them to fit almost double the items.

Long story short buy ebags over Amazon Basics and I like Eddie Bauer packable backpacks if I need an around town bag but short on space. Get it half off on Eddie Bauer sight.

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I have a 24” hard side spinner and the Mercer wheeled duffel bag from AmazonBasics and really like them both. Both items have seen a lot of use and abuse and have held up well. Amazon also sells replacement wheels for their wheeled bags, handy in case of a travel “emergency”. Although I’m not expecting Tumi-like performance or long term durability from these bags, I’m also not paying $300 a pop for a backpack, either.

As for the eBags tie in, I’d probably go with the AmazonBasics version as eBags is overpriced for the quality of their brand bags, particularly in the last few years. They’re good, but if you can get the same item for 30-40% less, it’s a no-brainer.

Other travel-related items such as laptop backpacks, packing cubes, and the like are similarly rated well at a reasonable price.