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Alternative to Moneybelt and Neckpouch

I found this great new product that is, in my opinion, far greater than either a money belt or neck pouch, and its a Passport Pocket.

My husband and I are traveling this summer and I couldn't fathom the idea of a string around my waist, or neck for that matter. When I get warm and things are constricting places, I get crabby.

The Passport Pocket has tabs that sew into your bottoms (4 sets included) and then your pocket clips in. I thought that it'd be strange, but even the Rugged Pocket is unnoticeable quickly after you put on your bottoms. Plus, made in the USA!

(Not my company, but a great experience with a gal, Rose, from Oregon)

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My wife and I have traveled in Europe 12 of the last 13 summers. She always wears a money belt and I always wear a neck pouch.
We have traveled from Scandinavia up north down south to Greece and neither of us has had any negative reactions to wearing them.
Different strokes for different folks.

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Does this passport pocket zip shut to really secure your valuables? I prefer the waist moneybelt.

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What happens when you sit? I am a short person, and when I sit there is not room between my waist and my leg for my passport (without it getting bent up). A money belt can ride in the small of your back, out of the way. Thanks for posting it, though. It could appeal to some who don't like either the traditional money belt or neck pouch.

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This pocket sure looks easy enough to use if this is what you would rather use instead of money belt. It looks like you would really have to wear it in front, it would be difficult to get to it if you sewed the locks in the back of your pants. Good luck with your travels and have fun.

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I really don't see much difference between the pocket and those who chose to wear a money belt outside their shirt and at the belt line. Far easier to wear and you don't have to sow anything. I am always of the opinion that if it is easy for me to get to then it is easier for someone else. But if it works for you, so be it. Some security system is better than no system.

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I have used the neck pouch and money belt in the past . I don' like how the neck pouch shows through my top, so I used the money belt more. For my trip in Sept. I purchased a new item from RS accessories. You just slip the loop over your belt, and then tuck it inside of your pants. I don't usually wear a belt, but for this trip I will. Of course it won't work with a dress or skirt.

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I am always of the opinion that if it is easy for me to get to then it is easier for someone else.

There are plenty of very secure systems that are easy for one's self to access. A neck pouch for one: easy to pull out of one's shirt and access but a thief would have to pull it out of your shirt, loop it over your neck (or cut the cord) and/or open it while it's out of your shirt and dangling from your neck. All while doing it surreptitiously.

My own system is a belt loop wallet. It is secured through my belt so can't be cut off. Hangs at my front side and has to be opened through several steps and there are inside pockets. The most valuable items go deep and spending cash is most accessible. No one has ever either bothered trying and it hangs all out in the open.

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@ Charlie - Yes different strokes for different folks :)

@ Denise - The pocket actually velcros shut with some amazing strength. I have a hard time opening it.

@ Nancy - "It could appeal to some who don't like either the traditional money belt or neck pouch." - Exactly why I posted it :) When you sit, it bends ever so slightly with the same curve as your passport would bend anyway.

@ Frank - The difference is the lack of string around your waist. The Pocket also comes with safety pins if you'd rather attach it that way. But yes, some is better than nothing.

@ Diane & Douglas - This is very similar to a security pouch, just affixes differently and have a different shape to it.

Its not easy to get to, and as Rick has said about a money belt/security pouch/neck pouch, It could be a new tourist experience if someone is getting that friendly to get to your super secret stash :)

I'll post a review when we're back and let everyone know how it fared on the road.

Happy travels all!

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Whatever it takes for some security. I like the belt loop pouch myself....hangs inside the pants and is good deep storage, plus I never notice it while I am wearing one. It looks like you have to sew the clips into every pair of pants you want to use? But as you said, different strokes, always nice to have options.

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Crystal, This looks like a great idea. I'll be interested to see how you like it. This is something I would try. I, perhaps alone on this forum, have been sick of money belts and discomfort for a while. My last resort was the leg pocket, which only works in cool weather. I just came back from the UK and did not use a money belt. I had sewed some interior pockets into a vest, but in the end, I did not take the vest. I'm living dangerously in my older age. (I also checked my carryon!) This might be a solution for traveling in certain parts of the world, otherwise, I'll take my chances as I can afford a day at a US Embassy for a new passport if need be. I've never lost anything at home so I don't think my odds are high to loose anything in most of the world. I've learned how to keep track of my important belongings. Wray

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I actually sew my own homemade pockets into my pants (or skirts). My pockets hold the passport vertically, whereas it looks like Crystal's suggestion holds it horizontally. Therefore, mine is narrower - about the width of the pocket on my pants. I almost never notice that it's there, but feel very secure with my passport, credit card, cash and so forth stowed. The ideal would be to put buttonholes in my passport pocket and buttons in the waistband of each pair of pants or skirt I might want to take so I could just button it off one pair and button it onto the other, but somehow I haven't gotten around to doing that! My first trip (of 15, now), I had a neck pouch. Hated it around my neck. So the next trip I cut the neck strap off and used large safety pins to pin the pouch inside the waistband of my pants, behind the left side pants pocket. I went this way for several trips before I made my own pocket to eliminate the extra bulk of the neck pouch.