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Alternative to Euro Flight Bag?

I’ve been using the Euro bag for a few years and have generally been satisfied despite its overall floppiness. I’ve managed to damage the fabric, though, and think I’ll need to replace it.

Is anyone here familiar with this Travelpro bag? It’s about twice the price of the Euro bag (when it’s on sale from RS), but seems like it might be a bit more compact and structured with a top opening rather than the Euro’s front flap. Thoughts?

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My wife has the same TravelPro bag to match our 21" swivel wheel Travel Pro ultra light carry on bags. It's been great, and all their luggage is of very high quality--especially for the price.

An expensive alternative may be the Red gator or metro bag. I bought the largest CPA bag for my husband for work. It stands up on its own. Has some padding to protect contents. Great color choice.
I just saw a nice samsonite "briefcase" type bag at Sears for about $100.
Do you need a trolley strap?

That Travelpro bag you linked looks like a solid choice. The ballistic nylon will last a very long time.
Ebags has a "companion duffel" - but it may be too large for you.

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I do not have that bag, but do have a couple Travelpro roller bags.

When I was doing my research when I needed luggage I started to pay attention to what airline flight crews had. By a huge margin Travelpro was the most popular.

Based on the reviews and my experience Travelpro is a very good value for very good luggage.
Do shop around as prices do vary from seller to seller

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I recently bought this bag from Vera Bradley in solid blue. It checked all the boxes--great organization, underseat size, luggage sleeve. It's more expensive than the RS flight bag, but I used a 30% off coupon. I have several Vera Bradley travel bags that have stood the test of time and have been worth the money.

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I have had the same Travelpro carry-on bag that you posted for many years. It fits well on my 22" Travelpro Trolley handle. Can't go wrong with the durability of this fine dependable product. The only caveat for me is weight. Last year I did some comparison shopping at my local AAA and found another durable brand called Hedgren. It is comparable in size to my tried and true Travelpro but it only weighs 1.6 lbs. The model is Hedgren Swing Large Tote, 14.9x6.1x12.6. The exterior back pocket unzips to slide over the trolley handle. Perfect fit. I used mine this past Sept. for 3+ weeks in Europe and was very pleased. At the time it was under $70 at AAA. I see it on Amazon now for $79.

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I have the previous iteration of the bag you are looking at (Crew 10). It’s many years old, been to Europe multiple times, too numerous to count domestic trips, looks like new. The material is really solid. It also has a little thing to attach your keys to. When I lock up the house the first thing I do is lock my keys on there. No worrying about which zippered compartment they are in, etc. A little feature but really valuable. Hope the new one has it.

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Thanks much for the comments and suggestions. I especially like the looks of the Tom Bihn bags, but that might be more than I want to spend right now. I need to get a new camera, too, after all. 😉💰

I should also add that my current Euro bag doubles as my CPAP carrier, and the shape of the Travelpro bag might lend itself better for that purpose.