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Allpa Travel Packs

Just curious to see if anyone has had any experience with these backpacks.....they get great reviews. There are 2 backpacks that can serve as is a 28L and the other is a 35L.......and it sounds like they are very versatile. Thank you for your help!

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Yes, I have one - the 35L. I've used it as a carry-on on one overseas trip. No complaints. I've examined it carefully and it looks well constructed with tough fabric. I don't like their wild color versions, so mine is the tame grey and blue version. They're really into promoting the brand name, in the eco-friendly vein. In that price range, Tom Bihn, RedOxx, and others are competitive with a bit more traditional design. I normally use the RS classic bag for carryon, and still think its a bargain at the price.

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No personal experience (I use Tom Bihn Aeronaut 30 and 45) but I have enjoyed their enthusiastic display of raucous colors and the corporate recycling And up-using positioning. You can see many of their products at the larger REI stores. After watching their videos and clips form experienced users, I’d say their travel packs, especially the carry-on-capable 42L, are a bit over designed for my personal tastes; too many pockets and zippers. But the water resistant fabrics and bright colors serve higher functions for adventurers. If you get one, please drop by after you’ve used it on the road and let us know how it worked out for you.

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Even in these iffy times, I can't resist looking at new luggage. Or hoping that I could find a comfortable backpack for travel.

I went to the Cotopaxi website and explored all the details about the Allpa Travel Pack. I love the colors and, much to my surprise, the organization. Having lost about 50 pounds over the past year, it might even fit me.

Two major drawbacks for me are the price and the empty weight. The Del Día is consistently $20 cheaper than the others. Here's why. No two packs are the same, because the Allpa Del Día uses repurposed, water-resistant 600D nylon leftover from other companies’ large production runs. If you go to the link, you can learn about the differences between these and the regular packs, pick colors for yourself or be surprised. Be sure to read the questions and the reviews.

I obviously spent a lot of time reading about this pack, especially the Del Día, but I didn't do enough digging to see what vendors might have this pack on sale now. I know REI doesn't.

This Allpa 35L pack is somewhat smaller and a bit heavier than the RS Convertible Carry-On.

Be sure to look at the videos, then if it pops up, click on the review video and watch it.

I like crazy colors. But, I still want to pick-out the crazy colors myself rather than be surprised. I wonder if a plucky factory worker likes to select the most insane color combo. as a little joke on the buyer.

I like the underlying fact that this company is trying to help low-wage earners.

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I'd want to choose my own colors, too. That's why I'd pick one of the aleady created packs rather than be surprised. You can see them here, and the stock will change as they are sold and replaced.

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For those maximalists, the Allpa pack advertises its volume 2136 ci, although that's 11% more than the dimensions (20'X12"X8") indicate. That's only 77% of the maximum regulation volume allowed for carry-on for most US airlines.

However, for minimalists like me, who could easily live with 35L, 3½ lb is a pig!

The plus:
· it has hide-away backpack straps with a sternum strap.

The minuses:
· the waist belt is an obviously misfit for the person shown wearing the pack. I should be down at the hips, where it can transfer the weight to the hips, taking it off of the shoulders. It's above his waist. The pack is obviously for a shorter person.
· there are no adjustable cinch straps to tighten the load. Of course, maximalists will load the bag to bursting, so sag won't be a problem with them.
· too heavy for the volume and too expensive.

Hey Lee,
I think the weight is related to all the features and heavy, durable material. I think the material is designed to handle rain/humidity and survive being tossed on back of mopeds, trucks, the ground in forests. It's kind of an outdoor/adventure pack.

I like compression straps also. Even tightly packed bags benefit from compression straps.

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I did a side-by-side packing comparison with my Allpa and my RS Classic bag, when I was deciding which one to take on that trip (2018). I found the Allpa to hold my standard amount of stuff as easily as the RS bag, but the heavier fabric and shape helped compress things so the packed Allpa was somewhat smaller than the Classic with the same load, if that makes sense. But the weight is an issue if you're counting ounces. The RS bag is only 2+ pounds.

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Makes sense, since the RS Classic is almost 40% bigger than the Allpa. The true volume of the Allpa bag, derived from the LxWxH, is 31½ L (1920 ci). Filling it to 35 L (2136 ci), which wouldn't even completely fill the RS bag, would make the sides bulge and put pressure on the compressible clothing. That would make it slightly smaller than the uncompressed volume, but you still can't carry more in the Allpa bag than you could in the RS bag.

I think the material is designed to handle ,,, being tossed on back of mopeds, trucks, the ground in forests.

So if that is how you handle your bag, definitely get the Allpa bag, For the rest of us, who just carry on and can make sure the bag gets a little TLC, don't.

For those who are want a lighter weight bag and are willing to treat is well, the similar Hynes Eagle, sold on Amazon, is advertised as 38 L, but the LxWxH volume is 36½ L. It weighs less than 2 lb and costs $45. It has a sternum strap and cinch straps, but lacks a waist belt, which, in my experience, is not necessary if you pack light.

I just looked up the color options. Ohh My! I like crazy colors - but, Cotopaxi exceeds my limits. Looks like bags colored by the entire box of crayolas.

Overall, I prefer a "thinner flap" type lid to an open book style of bag. I like to set my bag against a wall or place on a stand. It's easier with a flip-open style lid. This bag has to be sprawled out completely.