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Air France carry-on limits

My husband and I will be traveling to France and Germany this summer. We're booked on Delta, with one leg on Air France (JFK to Paris). We're not used to doing carry-on only, but we really want to for this trip, at least on the way there.

I just bought the Rick Steves rolling carry-on, and it looks great -- I will use it. My question is about my husband's carry-on. He has a 22" bag that works fine for carry-on on domestic flights. Air France's website says their carry-on is limited to 21 x 13 x 9 inches. I am wondering if we really need to buy another bag for him, or if we should take our chances with the one we have. Worst case scenario, I'm thinking, is that we need to gate-check the bag at JFK. We'd still be able to have it near us on trains in Europe, which is one of the reasons for carry-on only. Advice would be appreciated!

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Gate-checking is bad if you have breakable items in the bag that has to be gate-checked at the last minute, such as a laptop or other electronic equipment. So any fragile items should go in your carry-on, not his.

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I flew Air France last month to Paris and back. Here, they weighed my carry-on at check in. In Paris, they weighed it on check-in and at the security point, they had the box you had to fit your carry-on into and it also weighed it. Check whether weight limits are determined by Air France or Delta. From the Air France website, it looks like the size and weight limits (12 kg/23 lb) apply to the total of your carry on bag and your additional handbag/computer or similar.

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You can always check some luggage and carry just what you need as carry-on.

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If you are a river boat gambler you may take a chance that JFK's gate is operated by and staffed with Delta personnel. Delta would not be likely to switch out Delta size check boxes for those with AF dimensions.

But cover your bets by packing your critical, valuable and fragile stuff in the AF legal carry-on.

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"If you are a river boat gambler you may take a chance that JFK's gate is operated by and staffed with Delta personnel. "

That would be a gamble indeed. At JFK, Air France leaves from Terminal 1, while Delta uses Terminals 2, 3, and 4. They each have full-time personnel (Air France has 5 flights to Paris from JFK, every day, year round), so it would have to be some extreme situation (like a fire) for the Delta staff or Delta rules to be used if you're flying Air France from JFK.

For Irobare88: this means that for your flight from JFK to Paris CDG, since you are flying Air France "metal," be sure to go to Terminal 1 to check in. Don't waste time going to Delta's terminal.

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We are flying Delta, NYC to Athens in October. Both my husband & will carry on our bags. Our return flight is Air France, Athens to NYC, layover in Paris. We are going to have one bag that will put our valuables and follow Air France guide lines. The other we are going to try taking our chances, gate checking if we have to.

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Thanks very much for the advice. I'm still figuring out our strategy, but if we do take the bag that may need to be gate-checked, we'll be sure to have the essential/fragile stuff in my carry-on.

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I've had two friends in the past month who had to check their carry on for Air France in Paris. In both cases, it fit the requirements, and was a bag they used on their first flight. In both cases they had to go back and pay extra luggage fees. It seems extreme, but it has me nervous as well. My plan is to be under the limit, and have easy access to my valuables in case they make me check.