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Advice on shoes for Italy in February

My mom and I are traveling to Italy for 8 nights at the end of February. We will be visiting Venice, Florence and Rome. I'm still focused on trying to figure out how light I can pack so I can help her with her bag. I'm aiming for 2 pairs of shoes - 1 to wear on the plane and 1 in my bag. I'm thinking of wearing these (Ecco Chase Tie) on the plane as they are the most comfortable pair I own but obviously they aren't very dressy. Are they too casual for Italy?

Ecco Chase Tie

I also own these oxfords that are pretty comfortable so I would have 1 slightly dressier pair.

Cole Haan Skylar Oxford

I'm thinking of trying to limit my color palette to navy, white (t-shirts and 1 button down only) and 1 more color - either gray, burgundy or dark green most likely. I was going to wear my favorite jeans on the plane and pack 2 additional pairs of pants, most likely wool. I was thinking of packing my lined raincoat with a hood, a cashmere cardigan and maybe 1 wool or cashmere pullover.

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The Eccos look fine to me, and they look like they have good traction, which is important for the sort of walking you'll be doing. The oxfords, on the other hand, look awfully slippery. If they are, I'd suggest leaving them at home.

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The sole on the oxfords is actually rubber, not quite as much traction as the Eccos but I haven't found them to be slippery.

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They're a dark color and comfortable. And, in February, you'll want something sturdy. So, as long as you've been wearing them and know they're good for walking several miles a day, you can check shoes off your "To Do" list.

Enjoy your trip! Venice is wonderful!

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I have Eccos that are similar, but more of a hiker than a sneaker and water-resistant and with a sole that gives more traction. That's all I've worn in Italy in February in 3 trips, including snow in Rome and they were great. When there was flooding in Venice, it really didn't matter - just couldn't walk outside for a couple hours till the water subsided. Honestly, I don't think anyone is going to look at your shoes unless you're going somewhere really upscale. I wouldn't bother with the oxfords.

I've worn a light-weight winter coat and taken a sturdy rain poncho which covers my day pack and camera (on a neck strap) too and leaves both hands free. Especially in Rome, I've had sunny days with temps in the 60's. I've never had temps below freezing. Take some thick socks and moleskin. Even comfy shoes with thick soles can make your feet unhappy when you're walking on cobblestones.

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Ecco is a perfectly nice European shoe company. Worst case, you'll be mistaken for German.

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I love the Ecco Chase Tie--so comfy! At least I did love my new pair until my dog chewed them.

The sales gal I bought mine from suggested replacing the laces with black ones if you wanted to look a little less casual. Surely not as cute that way but they may blend in a little better. Or maybe just pack a pair of black laces to switch out depending on your wardrobe that day?

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Thank you all for the helpful replies.

I'm definitely going to bring the Eccos as my main walking shoes. I actually own them in 4 colors so I guess if I really wanted to I could bring 2 pairs of the Eccos but I'm trying to decide if it would be better for my feet if I had another option along. I've worn the Eccos on trips to both Paris and Disney World so I know they are comfortable on trips with lots of walking, but on either trip I wasn't wearing them everyday. I do like the idea of changing the laces to be a little more subtle.