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Adding a USB port to a softside bag?

I've become obsessed with the idea of adding a USB port to my bag, in order to have a stable way to connect to my auxiliary battery/power bank when needed. The bank would stay inside the bag, safely tucked in its own internal pocket, and the phone would be out of the bag either in my hands or in stashed its own external pocket.

Just need to find the part with the proper connections! See the second and third photos at this link for an example -- looks like two plates on either side of the bag held together with four screws:

Does anyone know where I could purchase this part? I've googled fruitlessly, but maybe I'm not using the right search terms.

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I am still not traveling because of Covid concerns but do love packing threads, vicariously! When luggage with integral USB ports (including the battery pack) first came out I bought the Away smallest carryon. I still love it, but after the initial trip using the feature it seemed to just add weight and the planes always had an outlet. You might look at the way their power pack with the USB is set up vertically, under the handle? There are also US travel restrictions about having them inserted if in the overhead, so I stopped bringing the ejectable battery? Not sure about in checked luggage and I may be wrong about both, by now.
I went back to my strategy of, if my phone needed to be connected to the power pack, having it in an upper inside pocket of my travel purse or day pack and just leave the zipper open a little bit. I suppose an adept sewer could create a buttonhole type of opening at a custom height for the USB port which maybe a computer repair shop would have- assuming it's not a hard- sided bag? But with newer phones they hold a charge all day, unless you are on them constantly? Good luck :)

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I have no idea what part it is using but it would be definitely easier to add an internal pocket to a bag that would hold the power bank, then feed the cord from the power bank through an opening with a large heavy-duty grommet in the bag. It's relatively easy if you sew. You can find grommets at any sewing supply place or order them on Amazon or Etsy.

And it would be more versatile - that way you can remove the power bank from the bag while you're out and about and stick it in your day bag or purse.

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I would look for a luggage repair store to see if they can do what you want, or at least get the needed parts.