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About the RS clothesline...

I appreciate the clothesline, really, I do. I like that there is an elastic weave, and that it stretches.

That said, maybe I need to be put out to pasture, but what EXACTLY to the velcro straps affix to? I've done some business traveling to test drive my clothes/luggage, and in my (U.S.) hotel, I cannot seem to figure out what to wrap the velcro to in order to make the clothesline tight. It's not like there's a post in my hotel room. Clearly, I've missed something here.

Thanks in advance.

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Some places are truly challenging and some have no solution.

Usually we find a way,

It is hard to give specific tips as there is such a wide range of how hotels rooms are configured.

In Greece the balcony railing got used in a couple of places.

to make the clothesline tight ? ---as long as the clothes are off the floor, you do not need it to be guitar sting taut

This is one of those "think outside the box" tasks

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Have used it over the bathtub with one end around the base of the shower head and the other end towards the end of the shower curtain rod. Generally do not try to stretch it very tight so there is not excessive tension, especially on the shower head. Have also had the occasional bathroom where there was a metal wall bracket of some sort or a water pipe running down to the commode. Again was careful to not overly stretch the cord and create too much tension to either anchoring point.

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We also carry two large "S" hooks and a couple of additional velcro strips. You have to be creative in finding connecting points. Nothing is a given but generally it is somewhere around a shower head or bracket and the shower curtain rod, towel bar, hook on door. The "S" hooks are handy for hooks to an edge such as the top of the shower door or wall. And sometimes if space is limited you double back to get the stretch. Just look around.

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I usually pack another trave. Clothesline that has small S hooks and hook my RS one together eith the other, that way I can find somewhere to Hang the 2. It is a challenge.

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Let's see.... I have attached it to shower piping, doorknobs, under-sink plumbing, closet rods, grab bars, shower doors, window lock levers, etc. But the previous poster is right, sometimes there is no way to do it. You don't want it tight, anyway, or it makes the braid too tight to wedge the fabric into. Mine is never tight, but it is stretched out far enough to do the job. That said, I do want to get one with suction cups, as well.

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smart thinking on bringing the S hooks -- it really increases your chances of finding a way to make it work!

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The travel clothesline is yesterday and a set of lightweight clothes hooks and inflatable hangers is today.

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We actually took the Velcro off as we have what we think is a better solution -- though others may disagree. Go to a hardware or sporting goods store and get about twenty feet of "para cord" -- aka parachute cord. Very thin, very light weight, and very strong. Attach about ten feet to each end of the RS clothes line using good knots. We've never been in a place where, with the additional length, we couldn't find two anchor points to tie onto with good knots. A couple of inflatable hangers, a half dozen small plastic clothes pins, and you're good to go.

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I made my own travel clothesline by looping elastic bands together and weaving three strands. I used mini carabiners on the ends. You just have to be creative to find two fixed points; chairs, towel bar, shower curtain rod, bed post, door knob, etc.