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I did a quick glance and saw one error. Under Icelandair, the author included the 22 lb weight limit in the dimensions column and wrote "not specified" in the weight column.

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Some airlines, eg Norwegian, weigh both the personal item and the "bag" together and they must be under the 10k/22 pounds. Others, e.g. Aer Lingus, weigh only the "bag" (which must be under the 10k/22 pounds). The personal item can weigh as much as you like. This is an important distinction and the chart doesn't indicate that so is pretty misleading.

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It is not the same chart as it does not have the same Icelandair error. Many of the entries have a symbol under "Important Notes" but nowhere on the site can I find what those notes are.

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There are numerous sites like this. I prefer ones which include personal item measurements as well. I tend to google as they change or disappear fairly often. Great starting points, particularly when looking to purchase European compliant luggage.

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Charts are handy, but the prudent traveler always checks the airline's own website for accurate data. Thanks for posting, as the charts mentioned are helpful.

Costs can also be a factor. I usually travel with my family (two others). So, we sometimes "group" pack to get the lowest luggage charges. Frontier Airline is an example of having to strategize packing for lowest cost. Frontier has different charge tiers. Different fees for paying online in advance, paying at the airport, paying by phone, etc.. Checked luggage is cheaper than carry-on luggage; underseat luggage is free. (At least free the last time I used Frontier. This may have changed.)