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A fashionista I am not

and it's not like me to rave about clothes but I just got back from London and have to share about these pants. They're from Banana Republic called Core Temp Chinos, I have to admit I was killing time in their outlet store and just got them because they were cheap. But I realized when I got home that I wore them almost every day because they fit well, were designed well and I was never cold. Which is unusual.

I kept the tag from them because, well, here is what it says and you tell me whether this is total BS or not:

uses 37.5 Technology and the power of active particles derived from volcanic sand

Well OK then, who knew pants could be so technical? Anyway, they worked and they worked well so I was very happy. BR has online sales all the time and you can stack 2 or 3 coupon codes at once so the prices really fall, you might track them on a site like Dealnews or Slickdeals if you're interested in these pants.

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Banana Republic went totally, erm, bananas decades ago when the passed from practical outfitters to a fashion brand. In the bigger picture, though, one finds and wears whatever keeps one comfortable and dry. Better get another pair before the particles get lost.

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uses 37.5 Technology and the power of active particles derived from volcanic sand

Now this sounds truly bizarre. I wonder what in the world this means in practical terms.

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OK phred, I assumed it was marketing BS but I had to look. Check out this article in the non-fashionable Forbes magazine: 37.5 technology Read all the way down, to get some info on how it works, and the prediction that many more companies will be using this on clothes.

To sum it up, the volcanic particles are very porous (like activated carbon) so they absorb moisture and retain heat. Thus making the wearer more comfortable. So how they make sand into fabric, I dont know.

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They've got a year end sale going on, but the regular price of the ladies' Core Temp Chinos are $100 minus 15% for being a 1st time customer. The men's version are skinny legged, and their men's shorts are $70 for Core Temp Chinos.

They look nice, however.

My travel trick is to get all khaki slacks heavily starched at the laundry before leaving. I do the same with jeans. They seem to stay cleaner, and they still look good after many days' wearing them. I rotate all my clothes 3 times on any trip.

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Thanks for the heads up. If I didn’t buy my husband his clothes he would either look homeless or be naked.