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A big THANK YOU to this community!

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I'm mostly a lurker in this forum, but I want to thank you everybody for all your advice about packing light. To you may be something of common sense, but to some of us that like to travel and bring less and less every trip every single piece of advice helps.
I went to Ireland last week and was able to pack all that I needed for that trip and kept it under 7 kilos including my backpack, which is a new record to me (6.4 kilos according to my luggage scale). I've been trying and practicing every trip I take (by car or plane) and I realize I can bring less every trip. I felt liberated.
I don't want to make this post longer that it needs to be, just want to say Thank You! to everyone of you.

Safe travels.

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@Geraldine, you are a reminder to people new to the forum that every additional useful hint helps us in our quest to pack lighter but more effectively on each trip. And anyone who's not packing light is missing out on the freedom it gives you to utilize easier and cheaper public transportation options.

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It’s always a process isn’t it?? Congrats on under 7 kilos. That’s awesome!

While I may have different packing goals, the discussions are always interesting to me!

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Wow, Geraldine! I am in awe! I have not gotten that low in weight, but my volume is sure down and each trip I try harder. Great job!

Quit lurking and start playing.

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cala: yes! it's more easy to travel like this. Be able to use smaller spaces and transportation.

Pam: Thank you! I used the backpack Sarah Murdoch recommended on her blog (G4Free backpack) to keep the weight down. And I only bought one pair of shoes, the ones I wear on the plane :)
I agree, our packing goals might be different but the topics are very informative.

Laurel: Yes, I try to participate, it just I don't travel that often or that long and I feel like many people here have tons of experience so I let them do the talking to learn. And thank you, It took me a few days of planning but it was worth it. I won't go back to packing heavy.

Threads like this one start sounding like a support group for luggage weight watchers or over packers anonymous. In a way, it is. Enjoy packing light and travel - even more! Happy Thanksgiving! (Now, I should focus more on eating light and losing some travel weight and volume in my body.)

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Sun baked in Florida: hahaha! yes, packing anonymous. Happy Thanksgiving to you too.

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I agree with the OP. This is thanks to the regular Forum contributors and to the Rick Steves Europe staff and organization for making the forum available.

Thanks to each of you, you know who you are.