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40x30x15cm underseat bag

40x30x15cm (15.7 x 11.8 x 5.9") - Where do I find a bag this size???? This is the airline's allowance for underseat. I've googled and shopped and can't find anything that meets these requirements. I have a backpack that is ALMOST small enough. I've found a British Airways bag that exactly meets these measurements--but it 's sold out and doesn't ship to US. The problem with every bag I've seen is they are all thicker/wider than 5.9 inches. I have plenty of time--not traveling till November.

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If the bag is not stuffed to the gills, then it will fit. I don't look for exact specs but instead look for something that will fit within the stated dimensions.
You could also rely on the overhead bin, but place a smaller bag within that you can pull out and keep the things you want at hand under the seat. It is nice to not take up all of your leg room with stuff.

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I don't usually reply to these as it can obviously appear self-serving, but as it sounds like you've had some trouble, we do have a few bags that fit that size (or if a dimension just barely exceeds it, they're soft sided so that they can fit requirements... just don't overstuff the bag).

Check out the Oslo and Veloce bags here:

Or this one:

I'm sure competitors have other good bags too. Don't let my RS badge on my posts give any sense of superiority over other replies. I'm just the moderator. ;)

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I use a Fjalraven Kanken 15" laptop bag. Its dimensions are 40x28x16, so 1 cm too deep. I just don't stuff it full.

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You might also take a look at the Rangeland Lightweight Under-seat Backpack available from Amazon. I have one of these and have found its rectangular shape much easier to pack than any of my other underseat personal items.

Its depth is larger than your listed 15cm, but it has straps inside and outside to cinch it down. I've never needed the extra cm. Like others have said, don't fill it full.

Edited to add: These come in great colors, are very reasonably priced, have a strap to go over U-shaped roller bag handles and are lightweight. Here's the link to the Rangeland New Business Trip Backpack 21L Flight Approved Carry on Daypack on Amazon. Note that there are other Rangeland bags similar to those recommended by others.

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When I couldn't find one for Icelandair, I made a zippered tote to the exact measurements. Perhaps a bit extreme for some, but it fit in the sizer (with not a lot of room to spare).

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I used this one on Icelandair with no problem, despite it being just slightly larger (1/2") all around. As other have said if it's not packed full it should fit in the sizer. The problem is if its weight is combined with your carryon's- but you didn't mention that?
Not sure about gender or preferences. I do like its features, which doesn't include a ton of little pockets.
Drawback: it doesn't hold a soft wrap for long flights, but I just wear that and can roll it up and semi-stuff it on top during the flight.

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Trying to find this as well, and I have yet to find one. Seems crazy that I am flying British Air Business Class and I am nervous about finding this bag.

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Remember, a soft sided bag is not rigid. It doesn't fill itself up to those dimensions--especially the thickness. The dimensions given are usually the max they can be. So if you only put in 5 inches of stuff into a 7 inch bag, it will only be about 5 inches. It won't insist on puffing itself out to 7 inches.

What is the size of your "almost" small enough bag?

Regarding flying BA in business, I've done it numerous times and no one has given a second look to my personal item.

With the dimensions you listed - look at backpacks or tote bags or over-shoulder bags.
Is this bag going to be your only bag or a bag to carry flight comforts and a few “just in case” items? Even underseat rolling cases most likely will not fit these dimensions. You need something that can compress.

LLbean has a medium zip-top canvas tote at a reasonable price. For big bucks - there is the Tom Bihn cadet. (Laptop business bags). These are about 17 liters in size.