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3-1-1- bag

Can the 3-1-1 bag have only liquids in it...or can I also put other items like a comb, toothbrush, etc. Thanks.

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For the purpose of going through airport security, it's better not to confuse the issue with items that don't require inspection. When you get to your destination, you can rearrange the packing for your own convenience.

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Technically you can put other items in the bag, but I'd follow Laura's advice. The liquids may also leak under pressure during the flight(s) so it's most convenient to keep them separate.

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The bag is to consolidate and limit the dangerous junk. TSA does not proscribe adding other things.

I gave up on the stinking rippable plastic sacks about a month after the requirement came out. I use a small mesh bag with a drawstring that's an adjunct to my shaving/sewing/first aid kit. There's no telling what's in there with the bad stuff. Nobody cares. They can see it -- and I'd imagine a comb looks pretty much like a comb when it passes through the scanner.

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This is a direct link to the TSA info on this topic: It has all the whats and whys of this requirement.

Personally, I can barely get my "liquids" in the quart-sized bag, much less those things that are not. Keep in mind that anything that could make a puddle when out of its container is considered a liquid. And that the limit per item in the bag is 3.4 oz (100ml).