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2 in 1 day pack

I have been searching the web for a combination shoulder bag and day pack, or a day pack with an option to attach a shoulder strap. I like the design look of the RS Civita shoulder and day pack but the day pack does not seem to have the shoulder strap option. In crowded situations, sometimes I feel very vulnerable with a back pack on and would like to have the straps tuck in and a shoulder strap option. The sling packs are not comfortable for all day use. They do not switch from one side to the other for a weight relief very well and are not really built for a leftie anyway.

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Check out the Eruo Shoulder Tote on this site. I've been looking at it for a while . Would love to get one, but we don't travel to Europe like we used to. If you want a smaller bag, Bagallini has some small over the shoulder/cross body messenger bags that my husband likes. It's Messenger Bag MES160.

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Thanks. I have this. For most-of-the-day tramping around, a back pack proves more comfortable. It is when I get in a crowd that I get concerned and would like to be able to shift the pack to a strap and put it in front of me. In a crowd using a tote, I slip my belt over one part of the strap. Thus, if anyone tries to rip the bag off me, it is attached in a secondary method.

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I've seen people on mass transit (in SF) wearing a day pack to the front for safety -- looks a little like a Snugi but nobody can get to your stuff without you knowing. Mostly tourists, I would guess. (Maybe there are "U.S. Through the Back Door" books and websites warning about American pickpocketers ? ?)

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To improve backpack security, I bring the zipper tabs together on a compartment and use a small samsonite luggage lock on it. I use a combination lock, so I don't have to mess with tiny keys. You can use any brand luggage lock. However, I have read negative reviews for Lewis and Clark brand. I lock only one compartment with the valuables (ie, iPad). Stuff like maps, tissue, and munchies I keep in easy access, unlocked compartments. This worked well for me in Italy. I also keep my most valuable stuff in a neck pouch under my shirt. I don't like the bulk, but I prefer security. It 's a priority for me. So, I deal with the neck pouch as a necessary evil.

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Joseph II,

Here is my 2-cents worth:

  1. Wear your back pack on the front of you in crowded situations.

  2. Go to your local electronic store (FRY's here in Houston) & purchase a pkg of 4" cable ties. I purchased 50/$1.49. This is what I am referring to although not the item size/quantity I purchased:

One end threads into the other & "locks". You need to keep a pr of nail clippers on you to cut the tie. When I return to the house I am going to check to see if they will thread under the zipper mechanisms. If so, I will put one there as well as thru the zipper pull holes together & cut off most of the extra thread showing. Keep about a dozen or so in the back pack to relock it when you have broken the ties to get something out.

This is a less expensive way to keep your peace of mind in crowds. Pickpockets are looking for the travelers who make it 'easy' to get into backpacks. Pickpockets want to spend as little time w/one traveler as possible. They don 't want to mess with any type of perceived lock.

Bon Voyage!

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I've had great experiences with the healthy back bags, which come in unisex styles, as well as women's. Their website is

They are lightweight, have good organizational features (which are really important to me in a day bag), and last forever.

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What about the RS It has both backpack straps and an over the shoulder strap. I have one which holds my camera and a few other objects when it is my "personal carry on" and I use it as a day pack when I arrive. It works well for me. I admit, I don't worry too much about security as I don't put much of value in my daybag when I use it as that (as opposed to my personal item on the plane.) Another option to add a level of protection is simply a twist tie like you would use at the supermarket. Yes, you can cut them....but a thief has a bit of a hard time untwisting them.

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Joseph, my husband and I often use the Civita backpack, but usually carry it on one shoulder only (like a shoulder bag). If you're considering a shoulder bag, is there a problem with this? Do you want the bag to ride much lower on your body, for instance? It sounds like you're not interested in a messenger-style bag that typically rides in the front of your body.

You can't beat the Civita bags for their light weight! And the Righties AND Lefties in my household use them just fine ;-)

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I use a crossbody messenger bag and switch it to the orher shoulder halfway through the day if necessary to redistribute the weight. I just downsized the bag, it holds an iPad mini, small camera, map, meds, journal/notebook, tickets/passes and a bottle of water.

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I am looking for the same type of bag. The Eagle Creek bag mentioned above is too small. The RS Veloce is almost what I want, except for having only one water bottle pocket (and what horrible positioning for a water bottle pocket). I have the Healthy Back Bag and various backpacks, messenger bags, etc. I also have an old LL Bean bag that has almost all the features I am looking for - good size, expandable, water bottle pocket on each side, easily accessed zippered main compartment for jackets, flap-covered organizer/zippered pockets, shoulder strap for museums, restaurants, shopping, and hide-away backpack straps for longer walks. Unfortunately, it is a pain to slip over rolling luggage handles (no slip pocket, have to tie it on) and it is HEAVY. Still wishing for the perfect "personal item".