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Civita Day Pack

Do not buy this bag if you intend on carrying more than a windbreaker or sweater in it. It is a great looking bag with lots of space in its three zippered compartments and water bottle holder. Its microfiber shell is very soft and folds down to practically nothing. But the seams which attach the nylon straps to the microfiber bag are poorly made and will come undone if you have even as little as five pounds in the bag.

I bought two of these bags from the RS store in Edmonds and brought one with me to Europe on its inaugural use. It contained a tablet, a pocket RS guidebook, a printout of my itinerary, and my one quart bag of toiletries. It only made it to the airport lounge of my departure airport before the first seam broke. One side of the loop at the top came undone as I held it by the loop to set it on the floor. I reattached it using a small safety pin. A few days later in our first destination city, the other seam on the top loop gave way when being held by the loop. Okay, stop holding it by the loop. I put it on my back and walked from the train station to my hotel, about four blocks. I didn't even make it that far before the seam on the shoulder strap came undone where the bottom of the strap connects it to the bottom of the bag. it is now completely useless as a backpack.

I found a store near my hotel that sells student backpacks which are not as soft and do not fold down as small as the RS Civita backpack, but has held up to the five pounds of stuff it needs to carry.

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I suggest that you contact the RS store that you bought the bag from and ask for a refund. I have this bag for a daypack and have used it on 5 trips to Europe and numerous trips through the US. We had a problem with a RS rolling carryon suitcase 1 1/2 years after we bought it and they promptly gave us a replacement.

Give them a chance to either send you a replacement or give you a refund, because your bag shouldn't have fallen apart like that.

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I'm so sorry to hear about your bag. It sounds like you got a defective bag. Since you bought it at the Edmonds store just bring it in the next time you are in Edmonds. We will replace it for you or give you a refund. I just returned from Greece on Monday and I had the same bag with me for 3 weeks and never had a problem. It was well loaded down. We would really like to fix this. We do guarantee our bags.

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I have one that has about 40 days of use with no problems.

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We have a Civita day bag that has been used frequently for the last 8 years and it still looks like new. I agree that you should return it for a replacement. I'd you don't live near Edmonds I would inquire how to send it in for a new one.

Good luck.

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Sorry to hear that you had trouble with the Civita bag while you were on holiday, which is the worst time for defects to occur.

I had a problem several years ago with a Civita bag, and the folks at RS promptly replaced it at no cost. I still use that bag on a regular basis for a gym bag and other everyday use, and so far no further problems. I also have a second Civita that was provided on one of the tours I took. I pack that along on every trip and sometimes load it up, and again no problems so far.

Many products of this type are manufactured in China or Vietnam these days, so hopefully this is just a temporary quality control issue.

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I've used my Civita daypack for five trips to Europe and it has never failed me, you must have received a defective one. The RS store is very good about backing up their products just give them a call and then post what happens here. I've actually bought the Civita backpacks for gifts to give people and so far everyone has loved them!

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I have used mine for three long trips and only had an issue with the velco stitching. I tacked in down better and it has stayed. I love that I have assigned places for everything: my kindle, camera, wallet, phone, comb, eyeglass case, etc. Agreed that it doesn't handle much of anything else you want to take along. My DH carries a larger backpack that takes care of the water, umbrellas, small jackets, etc.

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Sorry about your problem. We've used two of them on at least five Europe trips and some U.S. travel. Never a problem at all. You just got a couple of bad bags -- probably from the same manufacturing batch. Could happen to any company. RS will do the right thing. Believe me. TC

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My original day bag had the same defect as Forest's. It was quickly and cheerfully replaced when I notified the RS people, and they let me keep the damaged one, so now I have 2. I've used the replacement bag a number of times, occasionally with heavy things like books and my CPAP in it, and there have been no problems.

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I had the same problem on my trip. Both straps and the loop at the top are starting to come off. I will be returning it for a replacement.

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My Civita day bag is so old that it's faded to almost purple (from black), it's spent about a thousand days in Europe, and I'm never going to give it up. Never a problem and I've packed it heavier than my rolling bag. You should have no problem returning yours.

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I'm on week two of a seven week trip in Germany, with a new Civita pack. Shortly after arriving I was carrying my new camera, one bottle of champagne and a windbreaker, and when removing the pack, I hooked my finger through the carrying loop as usual. The loop pulled out, the pack fell onto concrete, breaking the champagne bottle and wetting the camera, which fortunately was in its case, and after quick drying still works. I then examined the pack closely, noting a failed seam at the loop, and multiple frayed and partially torn seams where the carrying straps attach. I now need to replace this pack while still on this trip, after a week of use. This may be an anomaly, but is quite irritating just the same. And my champagne!