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Flam to Gudvangen Car Ferry?

Planning a a trip to Norway at the end of May 2018. I am looking to do the Norway in Nutshell but driving on my own instead of taking the train/bus. Main reason is that I want to spend more time in the area. Plan to drive from Oslo to Bergen via the Gudbrandsal Valley and then down into the Lustrafjord before heading to Sognefjord. Was planning on staying in Lom, Solvorn and Flam/Aurland before heading to Bergen. The Itinerary seems to follow Rick's suggestions.

Here is my question. In Rick's book it says there is a car ferry from Flam to Gudvangen on the Fjord1 but does not give a website because you don't need reservations. I searched on my own and cannot seem to find a car ferry from Flam to Gudvangen. Does it no longer exist? All I can find are what they call "tourist" ferries but for passengers only. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks, Steve

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You can drive from Flam to Gudvangen but for sightseeing from the water, plan to take one of the passenger boats and double back or return by bus:

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If you drive you may also want to take the Flåm Railway to Mydral and the Hardangervidda. Driving will bypass the Geilo to Mydral train route through the Hardangervidda.

The Flåm Railway is open all year, and has a connection with the
Bergen Railway at Myrdal station. The railway is one of the world’s
steepest train rides on a regular track with an altitude difference of
865,5 metres. The journey was ranked as no 1 in Lonely planet
Traveller’s list of "The World’s most incredible train journeys of

"Hardangervidda National Park, at 3,422 square kilometers, is Norway's
largest national park. It spans from Numedal and Uvdal in the east and
Røvelseggi and Ullensvang in the west across the Hardanger mountain
plateau (Hardangervidda). Designated as a national park in 1981, today
it serves as a popular tourist destination for activities such as
hiking, climbing, fishing, and cross-country skiing. The Norwegian
Mountain Touring Association (DNT) maintains a comprehensive network
of huts and paths across Hardangervidda. The Bergensbanen railway
and the main Highway 7 cross the plateau.

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Someone posted a link to my query last year about a car ferry between Flam/Gudvangen. It doesn't exist. Not possible to take. We parked our car in Gudvangen (we drove in from Bergen), took the ferry to Flam, took the shuttle bus back to Gudvangen and our car. I think this system works in reverse as well. We drove the same route that you're contemplating on tourist route 55 along the Lustrafjord (after leaving Aurland). You should be able to drive from Lom to Aurland in a day, spending the night in Aurland. We made a lot of stops along the Lustrafjord so how many you make could make a difference. It's a beautiful drive.

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The following may be of help to you - while researching my option I came across this regularly scheduled ferry that may work for you since you will be in Solvorn. You may need to backtrack if you definitely want to see Flam and Aurland.

There is a regular car ferry that goes from Gudvangen to Kaupanger (close to Sogndal and Solvorn).