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Museumkaart/Purchasing Advance Tickets

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Forgive me if this is already posted somewhere and I just couldn't find it. My husband and I are traveling to Amsterdam at the end of the month, and I'd like to book tickets to the Van Gogh Museum and a few other places now. I would like to purchase the Museumkaart but know that I can only purchase it on site at a museum there -- or have it sent to me (which I'm anxious about doing given how soon we are leaving: August 20). Is it possible to select "Museumkaart" tickets while still in the US, buy a Museumkaart at a (smaller, quieter) museum when we arrive, and still have that Museumkaart apply when we show up to our timeslot day of? Has anyone experienced this?

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We just returned from Amsterdam, We purchased the Van Gogh Museum tickets on-line for a specific time slot before we left and the Rijkmuseum ticket on line which is really an open ticket. Ann Frank of course has to be purchased on line 2 months ahead. We did not wait until we got to Amsterdam for tickets for the Van Gogh. I did not want to risk missing it. You may save some money by buying the Museumkaat, but buying individually may also give you peace of mind that your have guarantee entry. I know we had some disappointed guests at our B&B because they had not booked tickets in advance before they came.