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Another Anne Frank House question

I have read through this recent discussion on the queue at Anne Frank House:

The last post is helpful, but I am still unclear on how the queue works. We have timed tickets for 18:15 entry. Apparently there will be a long queue when we arrive at say, 18:00. Does someone control the end of the line so that only people with upcoming ticket times join the queue? If not, won’t there be people in line ahead of us with later entry times? Should we arrive earlier? My husband is pretty impatient with long lines.

Thank you for your help.

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We were there this March. There were people controlling the end of the line. The only people allowed in the queue were in a 15 minute range. Everyone else milled around the courtyard area until their time arrived. As they control the number of people in the house at one time and don't allow that many in at a time, I don't imagine there will be a long line.

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I was just there in September. I think there may have been two lines. One was for walk up tickets (and VERY long) The other one, was controlled. People seem to confirm the line by talking to an employee at the door. And we got in at precisely the time I reserved.

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We were there last week and Wray is right. There is no need to show up much before your entry time, and it may not even help. We got there 2 minutes after the start for our timed entry (but you get a 15 minute window) and they let us into the queue right away. Then, you have to wait inside briefly as they let about 12 people in at a time, every 3-5 minutes. This is good to keep the number of people in any area to a manageable number as the rooms are small. I am pretty sure we didn't wait much more than 10 minutes to get in. Maybe you would wait less if you got there a few minutes early but I doubt it because they would still be letting in the people from the time before you. The line was not long and moved quickly.

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Just be sure to walk around all the people in the long line and check with the employee at the door. No need to arrive early.