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Queues at Anne Frank Huis

Because no tickets are sold onsite, according to the website, I’m wondering if the line for online ticket holders is different than the line for Museumkaart holders. For the part of our family leaving the Netherlands before the rest of us, I’m crunching numbers to decide whether or not it’s worth them paying extra for the Museumkaart, only for the convenience. Also, if the AF Huis is our first museum, is the line to purchase the Museumkaart so bad that it would be worth stoping by another museum, just to purchase the card? Thanks for any thoughts.

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When you order on line, you can check the Museumkaart box and they don't charge you. Buy the card at the first museum you see without a line. We purchased ours at the museum for handbags

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Thank you, Jazz+ and Barbara. Still wondering: Now that everyone is required to get timed tickets online, is there just one queue, regardless of whether the ticket is paid for via credit card or with the Museumkaart?

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there is only one queue for the time you pick and it does not move slow; it does not matter how you purchase a ticket.
it makes sense maintaining the quality of a visit by controlling the capacity and security
the visit is vertical a lot of stairs and small rooms; it seemed crowded when I went on a timed entry ticket

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As was mentioned, there is just one queue, and they do sort you by times. My ticket was for 9:15 - when I got there around 8:40, the queue was empty and they didn't let people start lining up until 8:45. At that time, they got all the 9 am ticket holders in the queue first (and were checking tickets) and let them in right at 9:00. They then let us (the 9:15 holders) in the queue, but since the first group was going through pretty quickly, they started letting us in a little before 9:10. It took me about 40 minutes to go through the whole museum, but I tend to be quick and don't like to linger, so it could take up to an hour or so if you want.

I was amazed at how many people showed up hoping to buy tickets there - they were all turned away and told to check online around 10:00 and 1 pm for tickets that are marked available.

The crowds get worse later in the day, so IMO it's better to have an early morning ticket. I walked past there on another day around 3 pm and the queues were VERY long.

I bought my Museumkaart at the Willet-Holthuysen Museum - it's a small museum that is very quiet and no crowds. It was simple to buy the ticket there and then have it ready by the time I went to the more crowded museums.