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A month in Europe around theTulip blooms in Netherlands

Hi travelers-
I am hoping on some advice....first off I am thrilled to have just about a month to travel in April and seeing the tulip fields in the Netherlands is my only must do. Assuming I need to be in the Netherlands 2nd to 3rd week in April I'm hoping for suggestions on what to do before and after. I'll be flying in from Miami USA and want to buy the flight soon.
I have not been anywhere in Europe other than Italy and Paris so looking forward to getting as much in as possible in the time I have that is convenient to and from the Netherlands/Amsterdam. I know this is broad but any must sees/ or must dos or experiences that can't be beat that is easily accessible to and from? I guess with a month I could fly as well. I've been researching a bit but really don't know where to start! This is my first time traveling solo, and first time going for this much time.
I love nature and natural beauty more than cites and nightlife. Quaint, charming, cozy towns, beautiful architecture. I'm not too much of a museum fan but just looking for a good experience….any recommendations are appreciated!

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With a month at your disposal, why not make it into a slow journey from Amsterdam to an end destination, from where you fly back home, e.g. Vienna, Budapest or Ljubljana? All over Europe there are dozens of smaller pleasant interesting places, only a few hours from each other by train, still not overrun by tourists, which you can use as a base for three or four nights.

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You didn't specifically mention Keukenhof, which is open only for a certain number of days (online data available now.) This is in some ways even more attractive than commercial tulip fields, and a must-see for many travelers.

As long as you allow a few days for Amsterdam (ideally your flight IN or OUT), you have a zillion options. I suggest that you fly into Brussels and home from Amsterdam. Use the "Multi-City Option" checkbox on whatever airline site you are pricing things on. Please see these recent posts here:

and this older one:

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Thank you all. I will check those links out. I just decided on Germany, Netherlands, Ireland, from the US over 5 weeks. Working on that itinerary now.