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Montenegro then.....

We are experienced European travelers: senior citizens who travel by car.

Have been to Bosnia and Montenegro several times; now we are considering extending our travels. We have traveled as far as Ulcinj, Montenegro on the Albanian border. Now, to........

Albania, Northern Macedonia, possibly northern Greece and Kosovo. About 18 nights total. How should we go about this? We are flying from Chicago.

Are these interesting destinations, are they safe to visit and to drive? Any comments would be GREATLY appreciated.

Kind regards,

Richard and Mary Shaw

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Oh definitely interesting and worthwhile! (Although I haven’t yet been to Kosovo or North Macedonia).

Northern Greece, is, of course, safe to visit and just as easy to drive as Montenegro. But the busses are good and easy also. There is beautiful countryside and interesting cities and villages - more than I had time for. My report will tell you more than I could quickly - just skip to the parts that interest you. .

Here is my report on my 2 week adventure in Albania. I really loved every stop.
But if I needed to hurry, Korće is a bit out of the way unless you head into North Macedonia from there. And if you aren’t a beach person, you could conceivably skip those areas, which I hear get very full in the summer. I have recently been missing Albania - it may need a repeat.

Driving in Albania - I chose not to, as a solo traveler. But tourists do. Just double check your routes ahead of time to be sure they are in good shape. Just because there’s a road locals drive, doesn’t mean a tourist should. Lol.

I flew into Tirana and started there, finishing up in Thessaloniki. I highly recommend both areas, more especially since you are experienced with Bosnia and Montenegro. Let me know if you have a question I might be able to answer. My 4 weeks doesn’t make me expert.

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Thank you for your helpful comments.

We are currently putting this trip together. I learned many years ago "half of the fun of a trip to Europe is its planning." After 53 trips I still see the truth of this statement.

Will let you know its outcome.

Thank you again.

Richard and Mary Shaw