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Risotto without Seafood in Venice

I love risotto, but I'm allergic to shrimp and don't care for most shellfish - Lobster and Crab are the exception. I would love to have a good risotto while I'm in Venice in February, but every restaurant menu I've seen so far features a seafood risotto. Does anyone know of a place in Venice that serves a delicious non-seafood risotto?


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Perhaps tell them you have seafood allergy and ask for the risotto plain?

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Ohhhh. Somebody who speaks really good Italian could probably answer this. What I did in Venice was manage to ask for 'no fish' at the restaurant, and I received a wonderful dish. I have no clue what it was, right? But I didn't die, and I can't do shellfish.

Part of that will depend on your allergy level, of course. I can eat something that's been made in a shellfish dish. I always carry my industrial strength antihistamine with me just in case, but I can live. I don't have an anaphylactic reaction, thank heaven. I think the level of your allergy may dictate what you're comfortable eating.

I have found that I travel that while I like (and can eat) many types of fish, it's often safer in other countries where my language skills are poor simply to say - no fish and put my hands to my throat. It's worked every time so far.

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You might have already thought of this but you probably want to take an allergy translation card with you. There are various organizations that offer them. I am vegan so I am able to print mine off the internet but yours might be a bit more specific.

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If you use Benadryl for emergency issues as a back up, know that you can't buy Benadryl in Italy. Bring plenty of your own.

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Thank you all for your suggestions, especially the tip about Benadryl! Good to know!

My concern is that seafood risotto broth may contain shrimp even if other shellfish was removed from the dish.

I'll keep looking, and appreciate your tips!

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I am currently reading Lonely Planet Venice guide book and there are multiple restaurants eith vegan and vegetarian options. They specifically state risotto without seafood.
I agree, however, that you need to mention your allergy. There could be cross contamination in the kitchen. I know some so allergic they cannot eat in a seafood restaurant.

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I hate all seafood, but easily ate well for two weeks in Venice. Not a mushroom fan, either. I had pumpkin (actually squash) risotto --- risotto di zucca. Yummy.

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I highly recommend buying a laminated card in Italian that explains your allergy/allergies. You can get them from Select Wisely -- possibly other sellers.

When eating in any restaurant at all, as you probably know, it's a good idea to inform the server of food allergies so that they can tell the kitchen and thus avoid cross-contamination.