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Question regarding Vatican & Accadamia ticket refunds...

Hello, I'm sorry if this has been asked and answered (I tried to search online and in this forum, but couldn't find the answers).
My family has tickets to the Vatican on April 3 and to the Accadamia on April 8.
Is it possible to get a refund due to our cancelled trip?
As far as I'm aware museums only closed through April 2nd, but EU is not allowing foreign travel.
Thanks for any insight/advice you can provide.

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Have you contacted the source from which you purchased the tickets?

Only they can tell you what they will do

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EU travel is irrelevant. The issue is their (venue) return/cancellation policy. If you used a 3rd party check with then otherwise the venue’s website is your best shot for information.

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I bought my tickets directly from the church/museum.

If the museums reopen April 3, then I pretty much have no basis for a refund I suppose....?

Kathy, I never saw your response to my question in that thread, so thank you for pointing it out.

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The Italian lockdown either was or is expected to be extended until April 12th or after so I'd guess you won't have any issue with refunded tickets but sit tight and give them some time to process the next batch. I'm reading that the Vatican is auto-refunding tickets; no action needed on your part. Not sure about the Accademia but I'd contact them only if you haven't heard from them for a few days or so after the date on your ticket so as not to further overwhelm what is likely already an overwhelmed system.