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Our evacutation insurer will not go into Italy

In 2013 my dear friend suffered a terrible injury in New Mexico. Her family had to pay over $30K for medical air transport back to Southern California. My husband and I, also travelers, decided to look into evacuation insurance. After a recommendation we purchased a renewable annual family plan with a company called MASA (medical air services association).

Fast forward to Covid and cancellation of our R.S. tours in '20 and '21. So we made plans to visit Italy on own starting in September. They are open and accepting tourists. I logged on to our insurance company's website in order to submit our itinerary (required.) There I noticed a very small banner at the top of their page "MASA Services Alert - Covid -19. Click here to read about them."
SURPRISE! Among other restrictions they "will not be able to service countries and territories designated LEVEL 3 or LEVEL 4" on the State Department travel advisory list. ITALY is level 3.... We telephoned and one of their employees, obviously oblivious to their own new policy, said "oh sure we'll come to get you!" We phoned again to a supervisor and that is not the case at all.

ANYWAY I am posting this just as a warning to fellow travelers. Review your policy, check the small print, be careful and don't assume anything. Thankfully we have been reading other posts on this forum and plan to work with MedJet and GeoBlue for evacuation and medial coverage.

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You are a relatively new poster to these forums, and I welcome you to our group of travel crazed groupies.

I want to thank you for your lucid and concise post, and it shows me how concerned travelers can really make a difference by doing some basic research and then sharing that research with other members of our forums.

I look forward to seeing your posts in future. Happy safe traveling!