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Amalfi Coast driver/tour

We've been to the Amalfi Coast several times, driven it twice myself, and once with a typical small day tour.
Would like to hire a driver for a day, from Sorrento, and customize the day for ourselves (4 persons). All I see are the usual tours. Would love to find a true local driver. Any suggestions?

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I would encourage you to call your hotel to inquire. They have local relationships and can organize everything for you. I know that my mindset in the US is that it usually costs more to do things that way, but it usually ends up costing less and everything goes much smoother because your hotel can explain to them exactly what you want, where to be picked up and when, etc.

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We used amalfi coast destinations, our driver was a former bus driver who had the Amalfi coast route and his girlfriend lived in Positano, so yea pretty local.

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Out of curiosity - how early do you need to book a driver? Same day / same week or weeks / months in advance?

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Amalfi Coast Destinations. I have recommended them several times on this forum. I have used them on 3 separate trips, a couple of times per trip, for day tours and transfers. They are absolutely willing to customize. We did day tours from Sorrento where we stopped at other towns on the coast snd then went to a few wineries. The drivers were all from the area and just really nice people.