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10 Days/ 9 Nights Honeymoon in Italy

My wife & I are heading to Italy in March 2018. We are gonna be there for 10 days. We are interested in going for long drives (if possible during that weather), long walks, good sight seeing, visit a winery. We are not into visiting historical museums, which might save us time in Rome & Venice.

We are thinking of doing the following in this order:

Milan (1 Night)
Venice (1 Nights)
Florence (3 Nights) - Day trips to Cinque Terre, Pisa, Visit a winery
Amalfi Coast (3 Nights)
Rome (1 Night)

Can I get help planning the transfers and the order in which I should visit? Also we are totally open for suggestions.

Thanks in advance :)

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While there is nothing wrong with just stopping in to peek at Venice and Rome, I really don't see the point when that is not what you want to do. You can always go back--do what you want!
Have the tickets been purchased or searched (to know if this is the most likely flight option)?
Late March I might risk the weather, but you not early March--I'd make it a city trip or go elsewhere. Try looking at historic temps on a website like wunderground to get a sense of what is most likely (though of course one can never predict the weather). Also research on when wineries are open for tours, as I know it is seasonal.
I feel like this is a lot of moving around--for example there is little time actually enjoying Florence--and I would suggest at the very least eliminating the one nighters unless you need them to make flights affordable.

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We are flying in from our last destination into Milan early morning. So we though of spending 2 days there. Similarly, our flight to the next destination is from Rome. This was done keeping the air fares in mind. :)

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Just my advice, but I would pick two places and split your trip between the two of them. I would skip the big cities, because although beautiful, they are difficult to get in and out of and are more museum focused. Personally, I would pick a spot in Tuscany somewhere and a town either in Cinque Terra or the Amalfi Coast.
Cheers and congratulations!

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Yes I see you are coming from another European country, so you have more options. I would skip Venice then--because of the crowds, it is often recommended to stay long enough to soak it in (otherwise you may find it miserable).
I'd pass right through Milan myself, but if you are interested then go for it. You mention drives, but Tuscany is the place most people do that, and you won't have time with your days allotted as they are now, and presumably you would want a driver for a winery visit. So, you could then take the train to Salerno (bypassing Napes because it is easier to drive from Salerno train station) and explore the AC--this is one of the few times of year that a car on the AC would be sane.

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I would eliminate Venice for sure. 1 night barely gives you enough time to get there and unpacked before packing up again to move on. Realistically you only have 8.5 days in the country (Milan is only a partial day) and on your current schedule you'd eat up chunks of 4 of your full days moving from place-to-place. Heck, if you're getting into Milan in the morning, I go directly to Florence and skip that 1-nighter as well.

Can I get help planning the transfers

Can you explain further? Transfers to/from where? And are you intending on driving a rental car on this trip or using public transit to get around?

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One nighters are really no fun. All you get is a chance for dinner and then you are moving on. Unless you arrive late in Milano (after 4:00 pm) go right to Venice/Venezia on the train and stay AT LEAST 2 nights. Then 3 in Florence/Firenze is fine, but remember this is museum territory so maybe a smaller Tuscan town where you can easily park and take those scenic drives. I suggest Montalcino or Pienza or even an agriturismo in the countryside. (You know you do not need nor want a car until you get to Tuscany, right?)

Three nights Amalfi Coast is the minimum time to spend there. Too bad you are flying out of Roma and have to spend a night before you fly.

Where are you before Milano and after Roma?

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After seeing your other posts, you have a busy trip.

I would split your time between Florence and Amalfi Coast, and the last night in Rome for your departing flight.

With your expressed interests, skip the hassle of going in/out of Milan and Venice for just a one night stay. An alternative is skip Milan and spend 2 nights in Venice

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I agree with the other advice. Split your time between Amalfi and Florence/Tuscany with your last night or 2 in Rome. What your describing you want to do you do not need to go to Milan or Venice for one night. You could stay in the countryside and visit your winery, go on drives... then go into Florence for the day. 3 nights only gives you two full days someplace. So if you were to add to both Florence and Amalfi that would give you 4 full days. Amalfi is AMAZING with so much to see and do, as well as being very relaxing. You could easily do another night there. Hope this helps.

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Hey everyone,
Thanks for the replies.
So, replying to all posts in one go.

@kathy: Regarding transfers, I was wondering where I need to take a train/bus and where could I rent a car and drive around. We were thinking of taking a car either in Florence or Milan. If we would have taken a car in Milan, we were planning to skip Venice. or Maybe: Rent a car in Florence, then drive down to Amalfi and then end at Rome and Fly Out. Provided, I get in through the ZLT zones.

@Lauren: I am flying in from Zurich & flying out to Maldives.

@joe, @aly @valadelphia & @Dan: So I think, the best would be to fly into Milan, cut Venice. Go to Florence the first day, spend 3-4 Nights in Tuscany/Florence, do day trips (Cinque Terre, Pisa, Nearby areas) and then spend another 3 nights at Amalfi, and eventually fly out of Rome. PS: correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks :)

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Laurel is correct! "One nighters are really no fun...a chance for dinner and then you are moving on". Eliminate as many one night stands as possible.

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So I think, the best would be to fly into Milan, cut Venice. Go to Florence the first day, spend 3-4 Nights in Tuscany/Florence, do day trips (Cinque Terre, Pisa, Nearby areas) and then spend another 3 nights at Amalfi, and eventually fly out of Rome.

Yes, a good plan!

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I agree with Dan's posting above about reducing the cities to visit. We recently returned from Italy. You might considers staying in a central place as a base an visiting surrounding areas.
We rented a car in Florence and stayed in a lovely fully equipped apartment on an agriturismo location in central Tuscany for a week. This allowed us day trips to Sienna, San Gimignano and several other small romantic towns and villages all within a 30 - 60 minute drive from our base. While I don't recommend driving in major cities, the countryside was fine. 1 night anywhere limits the experience.

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So I think, the best would be to fly into Milan, cut Venice. Go to
Florence the first day, spend 3-4 Nights in Tuscany/Florence, do day
trips (Cinque Terre, Pisa, Nearby areas) and then spend another 3
nights at Amalfi, and eventually fly out of Rome

A much better plan. :O)
Keep in mind that the weather could be uncooperative in March? The Cinque Terre would be no fun at all in the rain, and a lot of businesses will still be closed for winter. Ferry service in the Amalfi Coast area will be quite limited as well, if you were intending to use them for getting about. Keep your plan flexible!

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If you are flying to Italy from Switzerland, look at flying into Florence, if your final plan is to skip Milan and Venice.

From your other post it not clear to me where you might be coming from, but do check it out.

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I don't think Venice will be very crowded in March and I think it's a romantic place. You could take the train to Venice and skip Milan (unless you want to do some high-end fashion shopping).

And The Amalfi Coast is probably "drivable" then. Read my report for what it's like to drive in off-season. It will be faster to take the train from Florence to Salerno and rent a car in Salerno. Then take the train to Rome.

A car is likely to be a hindrance if you base in Florence. . . . city driving, lack of parking, dreaded ZTLs.