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Experience with Aer Lingus

I am looking at flights to Dublin via Aer Lingus. The reviews I've read are anything from "it was ok" to "never again, it was awful." The flight prices are considerably cheaper. But I'm wondering if that translates to the airline, service and experience. I value the opinions of fellow travelers on this forum. Is it worth the cost savings? Or is it a budget airline and I'm better off to go with the higher priced airline?

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It’s fine. You can search the forums for many corroborating opinions.

People love to loudly damn an airline after a single minor disappointment.

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Go looking for reviews of ANY airline online. You will probably find the reviews exactly as you described above. Few will make any effort to heap praise on an airline for getting you there on time with no issues, but ranting online is a very popular way to let off steam (and "take revenge") when something has disappointed them.

Personally, I loved flying on Aer Lingus and would do so again without a second thought.

We flew on Aer Lingus from Seattle to Dublin and back, in business class, and it was lovely. Comfy seats, great food, and most of all, fantastic, friendly service. We also flew on Aer Lingus From Dublin to Edinburgh and back (in plain old economy) and while the seats weren't so fancy (and IIRC there was no food on that fairly short flight), the same friendly and helpful service was there.

As to a "budget airline"...these days, the lines between low-cost carrier and old-school national flag-carrier airline have blurred. This is true of Aer Lingus and many, many other airlines (TAP Portugal is another example). You need to look carefully at the specific ticket you are purchasing, and see if it includes all the things you expect and want. To remain competitive with the ultra low cost carriers, most airlines in the world are selling tickets where various amenities have been "de-coupled" from the basic get-you-there ticket (most usually de-coupled: a checked bag, maybe a meal/snack, and the ability to choose your seat in advance). Nowadays, you need to look carefully at any ticket you buy on any airline to see if these things are included. If you want any of those things that they have shaved off, you can pay an extra fee for them.

This race-to-the-bottom is not a happy development in my view (I would never get on any plane without knowing exactly where I'll be sitting), but others seem to like the ability to pick and choose a la carte (they love super-cheap tickets, too). You certainly can't blame the airlines, they're just giving customers what customers keep telling them they want over and over again: cheap cheap cheap tickets above everything else. De-coupling amenities is a primary way they respond.

Bottom line: I think Aer Lingus is great and I look forward to flying wit them again in the future. I start feeling a little bit like I'm already in Ireland as soon as I board.

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People either seem to love them or hate them... Aer Lingus traditionally has a bad press in the UK as being a budget airline and making up costs by charging extra for things.

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@David this is helpful. Iam looking at Aer Lingus from Seattle to Dublin as well in business class. Need to use a lot of frequent flyer miles so hoping for a good experience.

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Planes and onboard service were good. Trying to get someone to own and even attempt to resolve a reservation problem is just about hopeless. There's a link somewhere about an Australian family with a toddler that will just about make you cry.

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Thank you to everyone for your comments. We are going to stay with Delta Airlines. Its not worth saving a few dollars to get our trip off to a bad start!

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Just to add one more comment to this thread: For two persons traveling together and looking for economy fares, we think Aer Lingus is a great option and love the 2-4-2 seat configuration. Selecting the "Smart" economy fare allows you advance seat selection and one checked a bag per ticket (in addition to the carry-on). We enjoyed the 2 side seats with window and aisle - no third person. Non-stop flight from home (Seattle), nice meal, good entertainment options (movies, etc). Of course, business class would be great, but many of us look for using fewer miles or a lower cost. Lots of cheap flights out of Dublin to other parts of Europe also.

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We just returned from a trip flying Seattle-Dublin-Rome on Aer Lingus. There were three of us and the have rows in the back with only three seats, so it was perfect. The service was good, food was fine. The prices were excellent. We had to make some adjustments to our trip and they were very helpful with the adjustments. I would definitely fly Aer Lingus again to Europe. I am already looking a future trips using them again.