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Visiting Kells Priory

While this set of ruins is slightly off the beaten path, it is well worth a visit especially if you enjoy walking through old ruins all by yourself and pretending that you're an archeaological explorer. While there are two parking lots, one above the site where you have to walk through a big field looking out for sheep droppings, the best place to park is at the old mill besides the King's river on the north side of the ruins. Not only does this path provide a beautiful walk to the Priory along the river, but the old mill has a great little cafe called Jen's Coffee Shop. They're open for breakfast and lunch Wednesday through Sunday and the food and ambience are great. From trout and eggs and avocado toast for breakfast to really good soups and chicken pies at lunch, this place is a great way to prepare for your visit to the Priory or recoup from it (plus, it has a nice clean bathroom.) I had a delicious spiced parsnip soup one cold day while my companions had trouble deciding which of the really yummy baked goods to try (we ended up trying three of them...all delicious.) Jen's has kids menu as well as a nice selection of sodas, wine, and the best coffee we had on our trip. This place was a nice little gem.

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