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Temple Bar Inn - Dublin - Reservations through United Hotels

We stayed at this hotel in May, 2019, booked through and recommended by United Hotels. The location seemed ideal, within walking distance of Trinity College and key sites. It became a miserable experience. Unbeknownst to us, the hotel is located across the street from a very loud bar/nightclub area. The hotel was pricey. The first night we were exhausted from jet lag and kept hoping the very loud music would die down but it continued until 4:00 AM. Thinking this might be a singular night and needing to get out to sightsee early, we didn't mention it to the front desk. Unbelievably, the next night was even worse. At 2:00AM I went to the desk and they moved us to a room on the other side of the hotel so we went in our robes traipsing down to another floor leaving us to return the next morning to our belongings in our original room. When we checked out and complained about the truly awful noise and requested a price adjustment, we were told we should have known it would be loud because of the area of town. Funny how we thought "quiet" was a given for a hotel, regardless of the location. Our efforts to obtain some price adjustment from the hotel were met with a finger point to United Hotels. Our efforts to obtain some price adjustment from United Hotels were met with the same finger pointing response, advising that the hotel was not "willing" to make the adjustment. With all of this in mind, I would never book with this hotel again nor with United Hotels.

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I'm hesitant to reply, Libby, because I don't think that any of us regulars on the RS forums can do much besides rub salt into your wounds. It seems as though you didn't do much in the way of prep/forethought when choosing Temple Bar --
if someone posted a message about their trip to NYC and they complained about Times Square being loud and bright late at night, how would you respond? How about if someone went to New Orleans and were shocked to find that there were rowdy drunk people on Beale Street? Or homeless people around Union Square in San Francisco? Wouldn't you reply by saying, "Duh?"
Temple Bar in Dublin is just like today's Ramblas in Barcelona or the Boulevard St. Michele on the left bank -- a tourist trap. We normally say that everyone knows this, but apparently not everyone. Sorry for your trouble, but I hope you enjoyed your trip overall.

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Well, we all make travel mistakes but the statement “unbeknownst to us” is a bell ringer.., these days nobody is without the wherewithal to do some background checking on where they are going or staying and some research to follow up before pressing the button to “book”. Personally I don’t think the hotel is at fault for the noise due to its location. People should use the resources available and be responsible for their decisions. If it was a tour company who made the reservation, contact them, but don’t blame the hotel. IMOP

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Was this hotel advertised as "quiet"? If not, then unfortunately you have no grounds to complain on.

Why should the hotel adjust their price? You stayed there your full reserved time. They did what they could to make your stay enjoyable within the limits imposed by their location. Unfortunately you picked the wrong hotel for your needs. Many others staying at that hotel may have chosen it specifically because of its location so close to the Temple Bar area which is known for its rowdy ambiance (the area not the hotel).

How could you have known it would be loud till late? When you looked for the other details, there should have been something about the Temple Bar area that also showed up. In fact, EVERY review posted about this hotel I can find remarks about the noise late into the night, even if in one of the rooms furthest from the street. Several also mention the hotel supplied ear plugs.

Sorry you didn't enjoy your stay. I really liked that area of Dublin when I stayed near there, noise included.

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Sorry I know noise sucks - but even a modicum of research would have shown you that the Temple Bar area is quite renown for pubs bars and partiers .