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New restaurant in Dingle, Ireland: Solas Tapas & Wine Bar

My wife and I spent a few days in Dingle recently and we had the good fortune to stop by Solas for dinner. Although we had no reservation, we were seated immediately. The restaurant was nearly full and the atmosphere energetic.

We ordered several tapas plates and a bottle of Côtes du Rhône. The food was, overall, very good and a very welcome respite from the usual Irish tourist fare. There was a mixup on our order and the waiter offered to remove the errant dish from our bill, but we were OK with it. As I went up to the bar to pay the bill, I asked the waiter if it always was this busy. She said they'd only been open a couple of days. I then understood about the mixup: they still had their training wheels on, though it was hard to tell.

It was when we left that we saw the several greeting cards standing in the window by the street from area residents wishing the owners good luck on their new venture.

I can highly recommend a visit to Solas if you find yourself in Dingle. Though, from the quality of the food and service, you might want to inquire about reservations ahead of time because if the quality continues to shine through, I suspect they will be very, very busy in the coming months and years.

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